Smartphone Operating Systems

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Smartphone Operating Systems by Mind Map: Smartphone Operating Systems

1. Windows 7 Mobile

1.1. Pros:

1.1.1. love the keyboard

1.1.2. When it comes to UI smoothness, Windows Phone 7 is unbeatable

1.2. Cons:

1.2.1. may look great but it isn't the best when it comes to user friendliness

1.2.2. you have to press and hold on certain items to display additional options

2. Android

2.1. Pros:

2.1.1. Android's biggest advantage over iOS has been the features

2.1.2. Android does not use the GPU to render the on-screen images

2.2. Cons:

2.2.1. Android is never perfectly smooth

2.2.2. tends to choke on slower devices

3. iOS/ iPhone

3.1. Pros:

3.1.1. the easiest mobile operating system

3.1.2. anyone who used it for the first time,could figure it out

3.2. Cons:

3.2.1. Features was never a strong point of iOS

3.2.2. OS is so light, it removes the need to unnecessarily jack up the hardware and burn more battery in the process

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