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Med0Logic by Mind Map: Med0Logic

1. Pharmaceutical

1.1. Biology

1.1.1. Anatomy Nerves Pattern Colour Organs Shape Position Movement Heart Brain Bones Shape X-Ray Blood Cells Colour

1.1.2. DNA Code Nucleus Double Helix

1.2. Medicine/Drugs

1.2.1. Forms of Consumption Pills Capsules Bottles Liquid Vaccines Needles/Syringes

1.2.2. Common symbols used Caduceus Based off the Greek God - Hermes' Staff 7th Century came to be associated with - precursor of medicine based from the Hermetic astrological principles of the planets and stars to heal the sick. Red Cross

1.2.3. Plant/herb Symbols Flower of Life Commonly used in industry logos: Coloiurs Green Yellow Red Orange Brown

1.3. Chemistry

1.3.1. Labs Experiments Code

1.3.2. Commonly used Equipment Beaker Pumps Homoqenizer Auto Capping Checkweighers Conveyers Drying Equipment Extruders X-Ray Inspection Systems Mircoscopes

1.4. Evolution

1.5. Advancement

1.6. Elimination of Diseases

1.7. Ethics

1.8. Human-kind