Cardtronics Processing

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Cardtronics Processing by Mind Map: Cardtronics Processing

1. Stay AS-IS on Postilion Windows

1.1. RFP for Linux Based Switch

1.2. TerminalDriver

1.3. In-House Settlement Solution

2. RPS- UP Framework

2.1. SCOPE

2.1.1. Linux Postilion with SQL Access to Domestic,International GWY Schemes Access to Acquirer /Issuer Fraud SOA Access to ATM Terminal Drivers Access to Digital channels Access to POS, ECR acquiring

2.1.2. Deploy custom NeoTerm Terminal Driver into UP?

2.1.3. Settlement APIs with UP SOA

2.1.4. In-House Settlement Solutions Re-factor to PosGreSQL


2.2.1. Linux Postilion with SQL 6 Postilion Resources

2.2.2. In-House Reconcilation Solutions Reskill / 10 New Hire

2.2.3. Settlement APIs with UP SOA Hire or Re-Skill 5 Resources?

2.3. COST

2.3.1. UP Framework 3 Million CAPEX 3 Million OPEX

2.3.2. In-House Reconciliation Solution 500K OPEX

2.3.3. Terminal Driver No New Hire

2.4. Timelines

2.4.1. RPS Postilion 2years

2.4.2. In-House Settlement Solution 2years

2.4.3. Terminal Driver Not Applicable

3. Run InHouse

3.1. SCOPE

3.1.1. Postilion Replace NIX Application LoadBalancer Consolidate GWY Services Replace ATMApp, PosTerm,Hyosung drivers

3.1.2. In-House Settlement Solution WebTools Settlement Product

3.1.3. Terminal Driver


3.2.1. Postilion Hire 20 Postilion resources- DEV/Impl/Testing Consolidate GWY Services Replace ATMApp, PosTerm,Hyosung drivers

3.2.2. In-House Settlement Solution No New Hire

3.2.3. Terminal Driver No New Hire

3.3. COST

3.3.1. Postilion 3 Million OPEX

3.3.2. In-House Settlement Solution 500K OPEX

3.3.3. Terminal Driver No New Hire

3.4. Timelines

3.4.1. Postilion 3years

3.4.2. In-House Settlement Solution 1years

3.4.3. Terminal Driver Not Applicable