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Show How Gender may be important in forming our identities by Mind Map: Show How Gender may be important in forming our identities
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Show How Gender may be important in forming our identities

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Gender chosen by self categorization

Masculine+Feminine at same time = androgynous. Neither Masculine or Feminine = undifferentiated

Turner et al

Individuals look at social categories and decide if they are in that category

Choice is through similarities rather than differences

Chapter 2, Pgs 47-48


Believed female gender was signified by LACK of a penis

A childs psycho sexual development depends on identifying with other of same sex.

Chapter 2, pg 49

Sex and Gender are not the same

Sex - A person’s sex is determined by chromosomes and body chemistry.

A persons gender is more closely associated with how they feel about themselves and how they behave in the eyes of others

Chapter 2, pg 49

Sandra Bem

(1989) Children look at social and cultural characteristics when constructing gender categories. Less influence by biology because they do not have the knowledge.

Francis (1997,98)

Observed primary aged children partaking in role play

Not all children took on stereotypical roles, some challenged or ignored them.Roles were Fluid.

Chapter 2, pg 59 - 60


Until 60s/70s education was biased towards boys. The 90's showed girls outperforming boys

Chapter 2, Pgs 61 - 74

Murphy and Edwards

Claim 1


Claim 3

Chapter 2, pg 69

Gender Development Durkin(1995)(GER)

Childrens Preference for toys from age 3-4 years

Gender Appropriate

Early Evidence of Gender Identity

Chapter 2 page 56


Children under 5 Particular and distinctive characteristics

Fooled by context man in a dress