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System 7-03 by Mind Map: System 7-03
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System 7-03


How does it help us outside of school and at home.

It helps us outside of school in many ways. First, we can to friends about homework, project, and other stuff. Second, it has applications in almost every domain. Third, we can take it every where, take pictures and send to myself and use the pictures at school

Why it is a system

What is a system? A system is a set of connected things. An iphone has wires and cables and microchips connected to its IOS chip. The system of the iphone is the IOS which makes work everything. There are also some internal systems which are apps. The external systems are like the charger plugger and the speakers.


Iphone 2g Iphone 3 Iphone 3g iphone 4 iphone 4s

Info about the Iphone

Iphone: An iphone is a smartphone that is made from Apple. It has the same system as the iPod and ipad . It runs a program that is only from apple. It audio-visual media which has virtual book, games, movies, music, and finally web browser. It has a multitouch program. It has the wifi and the 3g. It can text and have voice mail. Of course like any other phone it can call but when it calls you can hear with high quality. There is face time in the iphone 4 and it is an app that lets you see the person you are talking to and talk to him. It has a gps. Finally it has a camera and video camera.



Video link

Digital Camera

A digital camera is a system. This is because it has lots of things that make it work, and helps it do its purpose.

How can it help me in the Future??

It can help me in many things. It can help me for posting my own pictures in projects.It can also be helpful to take pictures for souvenirs while being on a trip.


Digital cameras aren`t the first cameras ever. There were old filming cameras and other old cameras used for movies and pictures.


Mac OS X

How can we use it in school

This can help us in school by many ways. Mac OS x comes with Microsoft office and help us write and understand better. I t also one of the computer that doesn't have viruses. The mac book pro is recommended for photographs.

Mac Trends

There was 1. 1.0 Rhapsody 2. 10.0 Cheetah 3. 10.1 Puma 4. 10.2 Jaguar 5. 10.3 panther 6. 10.4 tiger 7. 10.5 leopard 8. 10.6 snow leopard 9. 10.7 lion

Other info/links


Ø Mac uses software named OSX while smaller devices use IOS. Ø The graphics in a Mac is really important. Ø The Mac system is really good because it consists of good batteries, and the computer is fast because it has an application called named thunderbolt. Ø World most operating system. Ø It’s newest software is IOSX Lion


How can it help me in school ?

Mac can help me in school because when we have a project I can type it and it will be neater.

How is mac different/special ?

Mac has many additional programs that other computers don't have.

Other information about Macintosh

Macintosh uses a system called OS which stands for

What makes OS a system?

Mac OS is a system because it is many things that make one big thing.



The Trends/Products Generation of Macintosh 1.0 Rhapsody 10.0 Cheetah 10.1 Puma 10.2 Jaguar 10.3 panther 10.4 tiger 10.5 leopard 10.6 snow leopard 10.7 Lion


How can it help me?

It can help me because if I am in danger or hurt, I can call for help or family.

Other info

Phones developed the world’s communication and now for example if we want to communicate with a friend or someone else in a different country or continent, we can use the phone.



How can a printer help me at school and outside of school.

The printer has an important part in our lives.It can help us in many things for example if you to turn in something and you don't want to write it you can type in a computer and print it.The printer can also fax things such as bussniss work.

Why is it a system?

The printer has many systems it can print stuff and fax stuff.The printer has ink in it that can print stuff with writing or colors in it.