Tanzanian Cuisine

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Tanzanian Cuisine by Mind Map: Tanzanian Cuisine

1. What influenced the food?

1.1. India

1.2. Local African ingredents

1.3. Middle Eat

2. To Make?!

2.1. Chai Tea

2.2. Chapatis

2.3. Ugali

3. Breakfast

3.1. Chai tea with milk and sugar- paired with bread.

3.2. White bread with a thick layer of margarine spread

3.3. Chapati or mandazi with slightly sweet deep fried square of dough

3.4. Uji a type of millet porridge

4. Lunch/Dinner

4.1. Lunch normally eaten at 1pm

4.2. Ugali like Kenyan food most common staple food throughout Tanzania made from cornmeal or sorghum flour. The flour is cooked with water until it becomes a thick paste

4.3. Rice is the second most common staple food throughout Tanzania. Occasionally along the coast your also find pila rice that been cooked with a variety of spices

4.4. Flatbreads such as, Chapatis create the base for most meal

4.5. Rice or ugali beans are a standard meal alongside grilled chicken, niyama choma, fried or grilled fish, Indian meat, stew and curry.

5. Snacks

5.1. Roasted maize- slow roasted over open coals until it chars on the outside then brushed with lemon, chilli and salt.

5.2. meat samosas- minced beef, onions. garlic- they are deep fried.

5.3. The samosas are originally from India

6. Dinner

6.1. Dinner in Tanzania is very similar to their lunch

6.2. Rice, Ugali with some kind of beans and vegetables puts a form of meat If can be afforded.

6.3. They have barbeque style food similar to Indian tandoori or middle eastern kebabs but with its own Tanzanian flavouring added

6.4. Mishaki as its known is made from beef, goat, chicken or fish thats marinated then grilled over charcoal