Haunted places of the UK

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Haunted places of the UK by Mind Map: Haunted places of the UK

1. Haunted England

1.1. Oxfordshire

1.1.1. burial chambers

1.1.2. a struggle: Saxons Vs native Britons

1.2. Counties of Dorset

1.2.1. Stonehenge

1.2.2. Alfred the Great

1.3. The lost kingdom of Lyonesse

1.3.1. prehistoric stone circles

2. Haunted Wales

2.1. hidden ghost houses

2.2. mysterious myths and legends

2.2.1. folk tales keep the spirits alive

2.2.2. "Welsh" is just ancient Briton's definiton for Saxons—for strangers

2.2.3. the most impressive fortresses in Europe

3. Haunted Scotland

3.1. a divided nation

3.1.1. English invaders uniting of the Scotland and English thrones Scotland's independence is lost

3.2. witnesses of the history: castles inhabited with "long forgotten"

3.3. haunted inns—frightened visitors

3.4. Celtic Cross Isle of Iona

4. Haunted Northern Ireland

4.1. aristocratic houses were abandoned

4.2. the great passage tombs decorated with exquisite lines

4.3. castles turned to be mouldering piles of timeworn stone left in the fields