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Roles by Mind Map: Roles

1. Project Manager

1.1. Analyse Project Needs

1.2. Create Project Plan

1.3. Development with his Team

1.4. Serve as a Liaison

1.5. Ensure Results and Delivery of Project

1.6. Resource Allocation

1.7. Follow Up

2. Finance Manager

2.1. Risk Management

2.2. Treasury Management

2.3. Development with his Team

3. Marketing Manager

3.1. Created marketing strategies

3.2. Analyzed clients and opportunities to target marketing

3.3. Implemented various contests/Improved web presence through SEO

3.4. Managed social media strategy across channels.

3.5. Scheduled and organized Client Meeting

3.6. Development with Team

4. CEO

4.1. Created weekly one on one meeting with team members

4.2. Planning for future survival

4.3. Employee Management

4.4. Strategic Planning

4.5. Progress Management of Staff