GTR Supply Chain

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GTR Supply Chain by Mind Map: GTR Supply Chain

1. Quality

1.1. Shelf life

1.2. Polywrap quality in Korea

1.3. Taiwan expiry date

1.3.1. Other end markets - request to Selvan Reddy

2. Customer service

3. Reporting and data

3.1. Jan-Feb sampling

4. Chile and SA SND

4.1. Air freight cost

4.2. Repack capabilities in Chile and SA

4.3. NPIs and pack changes for Chile and SA portfoio

4.4. Include Mexico in scope


6. Track&Trace

6.1. UID by country of consolidation - SKU proliferation - requested summary from Joe and Lena

7. Discussion with Christine

7.1. Org structure

7.2. Supply and inventory Okano files

7.3. Wrong information Thailand

7.4. Wrong information free zone

7.5. Incoming stock when and how much

7.5.1. LS C4M 2 mln arrived after demand taken out

7.5.2. Delays in arrivals, lost sales

7.6. Process for airfreights, spot orders

7.7. NPI lack of visibility of projects when, how much

7.8. Product information for NPIs wrong information