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1. Human ressources

1.1. Know employment low

1.2. Handle the recruitment process (shortlisting, interview)

1.3. Draw work contracts and formalities hiring

1.4. Handle sickleave, medical checkup, health insurance policy

1.5. Organize employees schedules

2. Home helping

2.1. Help to wash care

2.2. Insure elderly people'security

2.3. Do the housecleaning

2.4. Suggest different activities to stimulate elderly people and always involve them

3. Computing

3.1. Use Office suite

3.2. Use home care services softwares

4. Communication

4.1. Writen

4.1.1. Write, sumarize, master spelling

4.2. Oral

4.2.1. Lead a meeting

5. Customer relation

5.1. Sell services sale

5.2. Analyse the needs and etablish functionnal specification

5.3. Answer to dissatisfaction

5.4. Improve service quality

6. Training and guidance

6.1. Create training units

6.2. Adapt the units'contents to different publics

6.3. Guide in job search method

6.4. Counsel for CV and coverletter

6.5. Turn towards partners

6.6. Present training's units

6.7. Guide people searching trainings