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MindMap 1 Biofuels by Mind Map: MindMap 1
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MindMap 1 Biofuels


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Should investments be directed towards the challenging development of a market for sustainable aviation biofuels or is it better to focus on yet existing sustainable energy projects, through compensation services?


Louis Aartman (NLR)

suffer from fossil fuels > aviation will be affected, 1 to expensive fossil fuel, 2 run out of fossil fuel, need a paradigm shift, alternatives fuel, can take decades, possible solution: biofuels, research is needed, also research for other possibilities


sustainability is part of KLM operations


difference in fuel between a car & plane

Invest in biofuel, compensate servcices


Oil companies did not discover internet, nor will they discover THE solution for biofuels


Sustainable energy is the only true solution, bio kerosine, competing with food, deforestation


sutainable fuel chain, developped by Rabobank, from crop to drop


flying on hydrogene


What are the current alternatives to fuel present by the fabricants?, Solar Power Systems, Lighter airplanes, Electric airplanes


Does the passenger have to pay for biofuel, co2 compensation or other innovations?


Faaij, UU, See IPCC: biofuel orginates from: Waste:, garbage oil, forrest, agriculture, degraded lands, sustainable productive agriculture


No fossil fuel of bio fuel which competes with farming


Question Milieudefensie, Does an extra demand for bio mass (fibre) for aviation also inncrease extra food production?, Its should and could


Is your Airline willing to sign long term off take agreements with Algae companies for Advanced Biofuels R&D?


Don't know Europeans but I can tell you Americans expect Biofuels to cost less than petroleum fuels.


How much are you willing to pay extra for a more sustainable flight (intercontinental)


If @KLM gets into the #algae biofuels game, Many revenue streams will be created, Savings should be passed onto the consumer.


Biofuels are currently 3 to 5 x more expensive, RT Americans expect Biofuels to cost less than petroleum fuels


Difference, Governments must set values thru tax & incentive policies, Businesses set prices based on governmental policies., Result, Oil should go up, Biofuels down

Thus, Oil prices up also because of global demand, peaking supply, Biofuels down because adv.RD&D, product scale, & decentralization.

Governments must place a value on sustainability & adjust policies accordingly.

U.S. oil subsidies based on fossil values


sustainable aviation bekijken vanuit klant van deur tot deur?

Wat kan KLM doen?


@KLM Why does yr Industry pay millions 2 lobby against carbon legislation; then push sustainability

Sean O'Hanlon

Algae can be used for Wastewater Treatment and CO2 capture, To produce enough biofuels needed for GHG reduction, Without competing with food crops.


@KLM U.S. military/commercial sharing market dev. relieves airlines from going it alone.



Farming yield growth needs market access, techology, fertliz. Rabo can invests in sustainable farms + biomass


RT @KLM long term agreements with Algae companies

@sean_ohanlon We are open to any sustainable solution using the right feedstocks.


@timbales They would do far better to invest in Algae companies for Wastewater Treatment and CO2 capture into Biofuels


@benlubbon Hold on. You know from both @EmgMarkets and I that Algae based Biofuels won't be full scale before 2020., RT Americans expect #Biofuels to cost less than petroleum fuels @Barrywmagee

RT @KLM, Re: Long term agreements with Algae companies, We are open to any sustainable biofuels using the right feedstocks.


@emmamediaCC You will find that there is a very low percentage of the population willing to pay more for #biofuels. ~5


@Sean_OHanlon Invest in Algae may be best for Biofuels but we also need improve agriculture in South, double dividend

@timbales Biofuels created mkts. for Corn Belt. Wood Basket next, then urban MSW. Algae Biofuels


@KLM U.S. military/commercial sharing market dev. relieves airlines from going it alone. #KLMcsr

It's not just about tech & prices. It's about progressive building of infrastructure & markets. Markets demand #sustainability, @KLM, Good statement! RT It's not just about tech & prices. It's about progressive building of infrastructure & markets


in 2009 the first bio fuel powerd flight with passengers operated by KLM

Camiel Eurlings

KLM is green airliner


in 2015 1% of all KLM flights will be on bio fuel

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