Felice Chen

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Felice Chen by Mind Map: Felice Chen

1. Present

1.1. Education

1.1.1. I attend Burnaby Mountain Secondary School since 2015.

1.1.2. I am educated in English

1.2. Personalities

1.2.1. I am independent since I have learned how to deal with problems by myself from my past experiences.

1.2.2. My transition between Canada to China help me develop into a empathetic person.

1.3. Goals

1.3.1. Maintain my overall class average at no lower than 93%

1.3.2. Do exercise at least 150 minutes a week

1.4. Passions

1.4.1. I am part of the school tennis team for 3 years to continue my interest in tennis.

1.4.2. I am interested in badminton under the influence of my friends around me.

2. Past

2.1. Education

2.1.1. I was born in Canada but I attended elementary school and middle school in China.

2.1.2. In China, I was educated in Mandarin and I communicated with my family in Cantonese.

2.2. Personalities

2.2.1. I was innocent since I hadn't had enough experience to develop my character

2.2.2. I was dependent on my family because I was not familiar with the environment in China due to my transition from Canada to China.

2.3. Passions

2.3.1. I was passionate about drawing under the influence of my friends who were also into drawing when I was in elementary school.

2.3.2. I started to play tennis when I was in middle school.

2.4. Challenges

2.4.1. learning a new language, which was Mandarin was difficult for me since it was not my first language

2.4.2. I wasn't doing well in elementary school since I had a hard time focusing in class.

3. Future

3.1. Goals

3.1.1. Attend UBC to further my study in science

3.1.2. Develop one or more new hobby such as dancing and playing guitar

3.2. Challenges

3.2.1. The tuition fee for my study in UBC can be high.

3.2.2. I plan to live in campus when I attend university. Since I have never lived alone before, living on my own in campus can be a challenge to me.

3.3. Aspiration

3.3.1. Get a job which can not only pay for my living, but also is in my interest.

3.3.2. Continue to volunteer for the local community .

3.3.3. Live in a Spanish-speaking country for a period of time to learn Spanish.

3.4. Life Style

3.4.1. Spend at least 150 minutes a week for physical activities Play tennis or badminton with friends learn a new sport

3.4.2. Visit my family at least once a week

3.4.3. Have 3 meals every day

3.4.4. Have a healthy diet Eat on time Each meal should the enough amount of nutrients that can support my body.

3.4.5. Have enough sleep at least 8 hours of sleep per day