Finance & Money

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Finance & Money by Mind Map: Finance & Money

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2. Business Units

2.1. Starting a new Business Unit

2.2. Video: on how to look up your BU balance (Charley)

2.3. How BUs work in GT

3. Reporting & Cashflow

3.1. GT Quarterly Finances

3.1.1. Loomio Reporting Thread

3.1.2. Video of Charley presenting 2018/9 Finances

3.2. Folder with Annual Accounts

3.3. Financial Analysis 2018-2020

3.3.1. Spreadsheet with detailed data

3.3.2. Loom Video explaining analysis

3.3.3. Loom about taxes & core budget transition

3.3.4. GT Commons budget & taxes paid 2020

4. Expenses

4.1. Expenses paid with a GT credit card

4.1.1. Where is the card information? Lastpass

4.1.2. Put all receipts in this google drive folder Naming convention for files Name of business_BU_VAT_Amount_DATE_filetype

4.1.3. Make sure it is added in the folder that corresponds with the right business unit If the business unit the expense is part of does not exist yet, create a new folder!

4.2. Expenses you need to be reimbursed for

4.2.1. 1. Download the Xero Expenses app Iphone Android

4.2.2. 2. Add a new expense, including the receipt, through the app

4.2.3. 3. Click "submit" expense in the app

4.3. Where to put receipts

5. Invoicing

5.1. General invoicing guidelines

5.1.1. Basic Handbook Guidelines

5.1.2. Video Tutorials Creating invoices in different currencies Basic steps to creating an invoice

5.2. Getting paid for your work

5.3. Invoicing a client

5.3.1. Creating your invoice in Xero

5.3.2. Video Tutorials Creating invoices in different currencies Basic steps to creating an invoice

5.3.3. I don't have access to xero Send the following information to [email protected]

5.4. Do I need to charge VAT?

6. Accounting

6.1. Tracking codes in Xero

6.1.1. Explanation of code system

6.1.2. List of projects tracking codes

6.1.3. Types Projects Internal = Business Units (BU) GT Core Personal BUs Shrubberies

6.2. Using Xero to find information

6.2.1. An example of looking up the balance of a BU (here: Better Work Together BU)

6.2.2. Tutorial video with Charley

6.3. Do I need to charge VAT?

6.4. Annual Accounts

7. Budgets

7.1. Core Budget

7.1.1. Core Budgets by year Financial Year 2020/21 Financial Years 2018-2020

7.1.2. Annual Budget Template

7.1.3. Guide for cashflow between currencies/bank accounts

7.2. Team Development Budgets

7.2.1. Annual Personal Development budget

7.2.2. Annual Biz Dev budget

8. Questions & Answers

9. Admin, Legal & Operations