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Leads by Mind Map: Leads

1. Online Pharma

2. Online beverage

3. Adult Entertaiment

4. Forex

4.1. Licensed Entities: Vanuatu Seychelles Mauritius New Zealand Cyprus BVI Nevis St. Vincent Gibraltar

5. Financial Institutions

5.1. Hong Kong MSO Switzerland FinMa Georgia EMI Estonia Lichtenstein Lithuania Singapore Panama Cyprus Mauritius Czech Republic

6. Online Dating

7. Crypto

7.1. Licensed Entities: Estonia Switzerland Malta Singapore Gilbraltar

7.2. Marketing

7.3. Lawyers

8. Travel

9. Gaming

9.1. Curacao Malta Anjouan Belize Costa Rica Panama Antigua Alderney Gilbraltar Isle of Man Kahnawake

9.2. Smaller gaming platform providers

10. PSP

10.1. Urgently needed: Acquiring Bank- BOC

10.2. License check out