Alyssa's Life Mission Map

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Alyssa's Life Mission Map by Mind Map: Alyssa's Life Mission Map

1. Work

1.1. Reasons

1.1.1. Gives me purpose

1.1.2. Gives me opportunities for travel

1.1.3. Increases my capacity to take on responsibility

1.1.4. Helps me grown toward my long term career goals

1.1.5. Gives me money to support my family

1.1.6. Fuels my passion

1.1.7. Gives me money to travel

1.1.8. Gives me the means to live a better life

1.1.9. Gives me the means to help others through donation

1.1.10. Gives me a sense of security via savings

1.1.11. Helps me avoid debt which hurts my sense of security

1.2. practices

1.2.1. work on EDC practices Daily half-hour spent on the business weekend 2-5 hours on business talk to clients and collaborators weekly

1.2.2. dominant calendar daily make to-do lists check in with regular duties Weekly make one new contact connect with economic development colleagues Monthly apply to one new job quarterly check in with supervisor on performance look for opportunities to travel annually negotiate raise

1.2.3. STUDY: regular reading in field makes me more valuable to my organization which increases my future potential to live a good life and lead others

1.2.4. regular writing to synthesise on my topic (unpublished is fine) makes me more valuable to my organization which increases my future potential to live a good life and lead others

1.2.5. connecting daily work to my passion

1.2.6. creating opportunities for growth and responsibility

2. Soul/Heart

3. performance health

3.1. SLEEP

3.1.1. practices in bed by 9:00 on weeknights relax for 30 minutes before bed read whittle talk Gratitude Journal

3.1.2. Reasons increased productivity Kinder and more loving to my family Better wife better equipped to eat healthy (less cravings for sugar) more energy for working out, walking, enjoying nature, and playing with kids and puppy better sense of humor!

3.2. BODY

3.2.1. Practices plan workouts a week ahead lifting sessions Squatober Deadcember Home lifting sessions Run crossfit Hiking doctor appointments as necessary Walking in the woods stretching foam rolling & physio ball work Biking Skiing Snowshoeing Massage Acupuncture yoga

3.2.2. Reasons more confident more comfortable (physically) in my body more comfortable moving through my life feel sexier motivates me to eat better gives me an opportunity to FLOW socialization more energy to play with kids and puppy more energy to be a good wife and help out Feel capable


3.3.1. Practices go to sleep instead of eating Meditate, walk, talk instead of emotionally eat plan meals the week before stick to planned meals limit extra snacks cook meals at home most nights pack lunch from home 4 days per week

3.3.2. Reasons feel more confident in my body increase confidence in meetings feel sexier feel more capable more energy more comfortable in my body better poops less bloating less swelling keep my kidney healthy avoid diabetes increased physical performance during workouts fewer sicknesses better cognitive abilities more productive and innovative at work = raises and new job opportunities more energy to play with kids and puppy more energy to be a good wife


3.4.1. Practices Daily meditation talk to talisa deep breathing walking working out Walk through the steps with the stressors Weekly reading fun books connect with friends get outside get to the gym Meditate Acupuncture Monthly woodworking talk with therapist acupuncture Quarterly special day off from work to have fun Annual travel somewhere new just for fun or go have a new adventure that challenges you

3.4.2. Reasons Generally happier Increased sense of well-being Less overwhelmed Kinder to wife, kids, puppy, friends, strangers Less stressed Increased Sense of Wonder More grateful for my life More productive/faster at work More Innovative More confident in my ability to handle challenges I see more opportunities More likely to take care of my physical self Fewer headaches nicer to my wife and family more likely to be physically active better able to take care of kids and puppy better wife more helpful at home kinder to people


4.1. Practices

4.1.1. daily texts

4.1.2. weekly texts phone calls

4.1.3. monthly phone call event

4.1.4. quarterly game night

4.1.5. annually big camping trip or other challenging fun adventure

4.2. Reasons

5. Money

5.1. weekly

5.1.1. track purchases

5.1.2. make sure we're on target with our budget

5.2. monthly

5.2.1. balance the budget

5.2.2. check in with our goals Travel baby fund PAY OFF THE HOUSE

5.3. annually

5.3.1. review and make new financial goals

6. Fun

6.1. Practices

6.1.1. fishing

6.1.2. painting

6.1.3. hiking

6.1.4. oly lifts

6.1.5. weight lifting

6.1.6. wood working

6.1.7. reading

6.1.8. watching TV

6.1.9. walking

7. Must

7.1. Time outside

7.2. Fulfilling work

7.3. Fulfilling relationship with Talisa

7.4. Outlets for creativity

8. Must NOT

8.1. busy work

9. Family

10. Making an Impact