A New Deal Fights the Depression

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A New Deal Fights the Depression by Mind Map: A New Deal Fights the Depression

1. Americans Get a New Deal

1.1. Electing Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1.1.1. As the New York Governor, FDR was effective and reform-minded. He possesed the can-do attitude Hoover lacked.

1.2. Wating For Roosevelt To Take Over

1.2.1. 4 months after Roosevelt's victory in November, he was inaugurated in March 1933.

1.3. The Hundred Days

1.3.1. The Hundred Days lasted from March 9 to June 16, 1933. It was a period of intense activity in which congress passed 15 pieces of legislature related to the Great Depression.

1.4. An Important Fireside Chat

1.4.1. On March 12, the day before the reopening of banks, FDR delievered a radio talk about the importance of people's suppport of the New Deal.

1.5. Regulating Banking And Finance

1.5.1. The Glass -Stegall Act of 1933 established the FDIC, which insures individual banking accounts uip to $5,000. The Federal Securities Act of 1933 required corporations to provide non-falsified and comlete information on stocks.

2. Helping The American people

2.1. Rural Assistance

2.1.1. The Agicultural Adjustment Act Sought to raise crop prices by lowering production.The Tennessee Valley Authority renovated five existing dams and constructed 20 new ones, created thousands of jobs, and flood control.

2.2. Providing Work Products

2.2.1. The CCC made men ages 18 To 25 bulid roads,develope parks and plant trees. The NIRA provided money to states to create schools.

2.3. Promoting Fair Practices

2.3.1. NIRA sought to promote industrial growth by establishing codes for fair practice. The NRA set the prices and standards of many products.

2.4. Food, Clothing, And Shelter

2.4.1. The FHA provided loans for mortgages and repairs. FERA provided direct relief for the needy.

3. The New Deal Comes Under Attack

3.1. The Supreme Court Reacts

3.1.1. In 1935, the Supreme Court struck down the NIRA as unconstitutional, along with the AAA in 1936 on the gorunds that it was a local matter.

3.2. Three Fiery Critics

3.2.1. The American Liberty League was against the parts of the new deal that it thought violated personal freedoms and rights. Huey Long was a more serious threat to the New Deal, because of his Share-The-Ealth plan.