Data Meetings

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Data Meetings by Mind Map: Data Meetings

1. Collection

1.1. District initiative

1.1.1. New node

1.2. Individual schools may have own data collection

1.3. Manage data by time and forms

1.4. Keep it simple!

2. Grade Level Team Meetings

2.1. Includes special education teachers

2.2. Set grade goals

2.3. Make decisions based on data

2.4. Adjust teaching based on data

3. Interpreting

3.1. Adjust instruction based on students' needs

3.2. Provide data and interpretation for students and parents

4. Frequency

4.1. Typically every month if not twice a month

5. Attendance

5.1. Best if all staff are present

5.2. Best if principal or vice principal are there

6. Types of data discussed

6.1. Test scores

6.2. Progress monitoring

6.3. Behavior record

6.4. Learning disabilities

6.5. Medical needs

6.6. Home life