Hannah Kinnie

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Hannah Kinnie by Mind Map: Hannah Kinnie

1. present

1.1. passionate

1.1.1. animals dogs my work at the doggy daycare my current dog the dogs I board and care for dog sports and training properly health tested dogs canine fitness animal rights no PETA animal husbandry proper animal care animal nutrition animal obesity

1.1.2. outdoors camping hiking mountain biking bike joring snow shoeing preservation of wildlife, trails, and habitats clean trails as I venture

1.1.3. skiing alpine skiing cross country skiing park skiing ski trips

1.1.4. work doggy daycare most time after school is spent at work animal behavior monitoring

1.2. supported

1.2.1. family loved always there positive inspiring

1.2.2. friends

1.2.3. counselors

1.2.4. teachers

1.3. mentally ill

1.3.1. doctors apointments

1.3.2. perscriptions

1.3.3. not defined by it

1.3.4. anxious

1.3.5. fighting it

1.4. clear mind

1.4.1. dialectic black grey white not black or white, but gray

1.4.2. rational sometimes too rational

1.4.3. mind over matter

1.5. hard work

1.5.1. school work for hours on homework asks for help spend lunch working with teachers try my best

1.5.2. work try my best to do right by the animal stay late often

1.5.3. dog training competed at championships train everyday LOVE it

2. past

2.1. sleepless

2.1.1. I was always getting sick always terrified of my family leaving, or monsters, or natural disasters always visiting doctors

2.1.2. nightmares

2.2. Excitable

2.2.1. overly enthusiastic over animals of all kinds would talk for hours and hours about nothing

2.3. gymnastics

2.3.1. trampoline classes always moving, running, playing, and laughing

2.4. shy

2.4.1. psychiatric appointments

2.4.2. scared all the time

2.5. friends

2.5.1. loved

2.5.2. constant companionship

2.6. books

2.6.1. read 3+ books a week

2.6.2. spend 3hours a day reading

2.6.3. favorite pastime

3. future

3.1. vet tech

3.1.1. animal nutrionist custom meal plans manufacture animal feed

3.1.2. board animals

3.1.3. study proper animal husbandry in depth

3.2. farm

3.2.1. animals have experience in handling animals of all walks

3.2.2. secluded mountains rivers lakes ponds alone

3.2.3. many dogs farm dogs livestock guardians sporting dogs agility flyball disc dock diving freestyle IPO french ring

3.2.4. horses AQH draft

3.3. animal training

3.3.1. animals trained for film

3.3.2. sporting dogs