Q3-2019 plan

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Q3-2019 plan by Mind Map: Q3-2019 plan

1. Piano market share

1.1. PCC2 growth

1.1.1. Backup plan Using licensed content Transfer back to Amanotes account Register DMCA

1.1.2. Positioning Gameplay New mode: notes + piano tiles More instruments

1.1.3. iOS Product Improve Subscription Retention Rate Marketing Acquire X users with ROAS60 Y% Acquire X high trial rate users with ROAS60 Y%

1.1.4. Android Product Marketing Soft launch Release Acquire X users with ROAS60 Y%

1.2. Maintain

1.2.1. PCCa

1.2.2. PCa

1.3. Improve QC quality

1.3.1. Confirm new workflow with QC team

1.3.2. Apply new workflow

1.3.3. Evaluate QC performance

2. VIP users cross promotion?

2.1. TY

2.1.1. iOS Product Update Marketing Acquire X users with ROAS 100%

2.1.2. Android Product Update Marketing Acquire X users with ROAS 100%

2.1.3. Content New contents

2.2. TYi using subscription model + ads

2.3. Cross VIP users between TYi and PCC2i

3. MEP

3.1. Marketing

4. BCS + ML

4.1. Integrate ML on PCC2

4.2. Songs recommendation

4.3. Acquire 14k installs in country A

4.4. A/B test in product

5. ACM

5.1. Test automation tool MP3 -> MIDI

5.2. Map current content to ACM

5.3. Upload MIDI file type to ACM

5.4. Integrate ACM SDK v1.0