English Language A level

Stylistic analysis for AQA English Language and Literature

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English Language A level by Mind Map: English Language A level

1. Stylistic Features (AO1)

1.1. Lexis

1.1.1. Semantic Fields romance: 'kiss', 'heart', 'sensual', 'rose'

1.1.2. Adjectives/Adverbs official, undisputed, carefully, probably,

1.1.3. Noun Phrases 'decaying old car covered in rust'

1.1.4. Modal Verbs 'should', 'can', 'must','might', 'will'

1.2. Grammar

1.2.1. Pronouns Personal 'me', 'you', 'they' Singular/Plural 'I', 'she' vs 'we', 'them' Possessive 'my', 'our', 'his'

1.2.2. Sentence Moods Declarative The dog is black. Interrogative What colour is the dog? Imperative Leave the dog alone. Exclamatory What a good girl!

1.3. Discourse

1.3.1. Chronological Structure

1.3.2. Subheadings

1.3.3. Turn-Taking

1.3.4. Paragraphing

1.3.5. Shifts in focus

1.4. [Phonology and Prosodics]

2. Influence of Context (AO3)

2.1. Producer

2.1.1. Who wrote it?

2.1.2. Why did they write it?

2.2. Genre

2.2.1. What type of text is it?

2.3. Audience

2.3.1. Who receives it?

2.3.2. What do they expect from it?

2.4. Register

2.5. Tone

3. Structuring a response (AO1/AO4/AO5)

3.1. Structure of each paragraph

3.2. Planning

3.3. linking words

3.4. Structure of whole essay

4. Topic-specific theories and concepts (AO2)

4.1. CLA

4.2. Language Change

4.3. Language and Power

4.4. Language and Gender

4.5. Language and Technology