K-Clinical= K-Health+Housecall MD


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K-Clinical= K-Health+Housecall MD by Mind Map: K-Clinical= K-Health+Housecall MD

1. Diagnositic AI Competetive Landscape.

1.1. Microsoft Health Bot Service

1.2. Health Navigator - Triage Engine for Health Bots and Symptom Checkers

1.3. HealthTap’s Facebook Health Bot

1.4. UK

1.4.1. Babylon UK NHS

1.4.2. Deepmind - Stream (Acquired by Google from Mustafa Suleyman)

1.4.3. Ada

1.4.4. Your.MD

2. K-Health User to import medical records directly in K-Health App

2.1. Immediate Impact

2.1.1. Obtain health records of US users 80% of all US health system/providers EMR immediately accessible Wizard to guide user in K-Health chat to import their records from their providers

2.2. Prompt user to import their EHR records from databank of all providers across the US

2.3. Exclusive license to User medical community EHR APIs

2.4. Pricing Alignment: $x/patient/record

2.5. HousecallMDD has exclusivity to 250,000 provider EMR portals

3. Short Term Impact

3.1. Landmark Health

3.1.1. Integrate Kang into Patient Engagement App

3.2. HouseCallMD to facilitate access to non-anonomized patient records

3.2.1. Static anonomized

4. Long Term Impact

4.1. Access Closed-System Health Organizations

4.1.1. Veteran Affairs

4.2. K-Health Clinical Closed Loop System

4.2.1. Ability to immediately go at Risk in a particular region Brooklyn Bronx

5. Medium Term Impact

5.1. Instead of scheduling a doctor appointment, offering a provider to visit patient

5.2. Member of American Academy of Home Health Medicine

5.3. Doctor Home Visit HouseCall MD sends MDs to patients’ location all over the country

5.3.1. Aggregator of 12570 nationwide housecall physician organizations

5.4. Doctors-on-Call fulfills visits

5.5. If Patient is in Bronx - Essen Health Fulfills