A.D.D.I.E. is the original template for designing instruction and involves the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of instruction.

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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE


1.1. Define learning objectives

1.2. Define assessment methods

1.3. Define instructional strategy

1.4. Storyboard ideas / create prototype

1.5. OUTCOME: Overview of the course design and storyboards/prototypes.

1.6. Go / No-Go

1.6.1. Go: Proceed to DEVELOPMENT

1.6.2. No-Go: Revise or abandon project


2.1. Develop course elements to match the design phase

2.2. Add graphics and other visual design elements

2.3. Test content and activities

2.4. Revise based on feedback

2.5. Develop instructor training materials if needed

2.6. OUTCOME: Course Content

2.7. Go / No-Go

2.7.1. Go: Proceed to IMPLEMENTATION

2.7.2. No-Go: Revise or abandon project


3.1. What

3.1.1. What skills need to be learned?

3.1.2. What are the competency gaps and desired outcomes?

3.2. Who

3.2.1. Who needs the training and why?

3.2.2. What are their existing knowledge and skills?

3.3. Where, When, How

3.3.1. What are available resources and constraints

3.3.2. Determine delivery methods

3.4. OUTCOME: Analysis of training needs and a training plan

3.5. Go / No-Go

3.5.1. Go: Proceed to DESIGN

3.5.2. No-Go: Revise or abandon project


4.1. Train instructors

4.2. Enroll learners

4.3. Deliver course

4.4. Provide help or support as needed

4.5. OUTCOME: Live course learners can start and complete


5.1. Kirkpatrick's 4‐Level Model of Evaluation to assess the program:

5.1.1. Level 1: Did the participants react positively to the program?

5.1.2. Level 2: Did the participants learn the skills taught in the program?

5.1.3. Level 3: Did the participants' behavior (on the job) change as a result of the program?

5.1.4. Level 4: Did the change in behavior affect the organization positively / bring about positive change?

5.2. OUTCOME: Valuation report and actionable changes for current or future courses