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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. Past

1.1. Personality / Traits

1.1.1. Mature Diligent Articulate

1.1.2. Dependable

1.1.3. Anxious Public Speaking Goal: Be able to speak in front of audience Life Purpose Future Prospects

1.2. Background

1.2.1. Well-off

1.2.2. Supportive Family Highly Educated Parents

1.3. Interests

1.3.1. Philosophy

1.3.2. Psychology

1.3.3. Skiing Goal: Double black diamond runs

2. Present

2.1. Steps Forward

2.1.1. Can handle speaking to a class, solo.

2.1.2. More concrete future plan

2.1.3. Greater social connections/skills

2.2. Interests

2.2.1. Political Science Combines all previous interests, is applicable and marketable

2.2.2. Skiing Goal complete: jumped off a cliff

2.2.3. Hiking

2.3. Challenges/Goals

2.3.1. Public speaking for a greater audience

2.3.2. Make more connections University clubs? Philosophy cafes?

2.3.3. Travel Return to the Yukon, during winter this time. Get of the continent, perhaps to ireland or italy?

2.4. Values

2.4.1. To be informed, and humble

2.4.2. Assign my own value to my time Face this world standing straight with my shoulders back Claim responsibility for my actions and life

2.4.3. A persons life is their own

3. Future

3.1. Well-Traveled

3.1.1. Wealth of life experience

3.1.2. Engaged in the world

3.2. Content

3.2.1. When everything I do has meaning

3.2.2. Jobs and education fit what i value

3.3. Well-rounded

3.3.1. Socially connected

3.3.2. Good education

3.3.3. Financially Secure

3.4. Structured

3.4.1. Has a strong schedule

3.4.2. “Without rules, we quickly become slaves to our passions-and there’s nothing freeing about that. The best rules do not ultimately restrict us but instead facilitate our goals and make for fuller, freer lives.” - Dr. J Peterson

3.4.3. Balance between passion and rules/goals