Piero Carbajal

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Piero Carbajal by Mind Map: Piero Carbajal

1. Future

1.1. Hobbies

1.1.1. My hobbies will be playing video games on my free time. Play soccer with friends and go to the movie theatre everyday.

1.1.2. I will Travel to different places

1.2. Family and Friends

1.2.1. I will be living with a good friend and will still be visiting my family. I will see my mom once a week.

1.2.2. After work i will go out to a bar with the team

1.3. Home

1.3.1. Piero will be living in LA in the USA. I will be living there with some friends and working at a club before the DEA.

1.3.2. I will find a good house and buy it with some friends.

1.4. Career

1.4.1. I will be a DEA agent working for the government. I will have lots of fun in this job as well as risks but will feel good because i know i am helping the community.

1.4.2. I will be a pro gamer. Play the most popular game at a proffesional level for money.

2. Past

2.1. Family

2.1.1. I was living with my grandma and Dad. My mom was in Canada.

2.1.2. I was living in big house with my uncles, aunties, and grandparents.

2.2. School

2.2.1. I went to primary school in Peru u to grade 3.

2.2.2. I remember it was hard to pass. We had 13 courses and i did homework the whole day after school. We had a test at the end of the year and i you didn't pass it you wouldn't go to the next grade

2.3. Personality

2.3.1. I was a generous kid. I wanted everyone to be happy and to have a good time. I would talk and greet everyone i saw in the street with my mom.

2.4. Interests

2.4.1. I really like playing outside with my neighbor. We would play games like tag and other games with a ball.

2.4.2. I also really liked cars. I had lots of toy cars and i loved to draw them.

3. Present

3.1. Activities

3.1.1. I mostly play video game after school. I enjoy it a lot.

3.1.2. I also like playing basketball with my friends at the park. I am really into playing floor hockey.

3.2. School

3.2.1. I am in grade 12 and taking 7 courses. I am taking 2 fitness courses to do more exercises and be healthy.

3.2.2. my favorite course it cooking. I have lots o fun in thtat class

3.3. Home

3.3.1. I live in Vancouver Canada. I am in burnaby. I live with my mom close to metrotown.

3.4. Personality

3.4.1. In grade 12 i have been irresponsable. I haven't taken it seriously and i'm trying to change