Halong Travelers

halong travelers mindmap

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Halong Travelers by Mind Map: Halong Travelers

1. concern before trip

1.1. time to travel

1.1.1. best time to go

1.1.2. which season is suitable

1.1.3. special occasion tet holiday in halong chritmas in halong Ha Long Bay Honeymoon

1.1.4. How long do you need in Halong Bay?

1.1.5. weather condition halong bay weather halong bay pollution halong bay storm halong bay rainy season halong bay climate

1.2. what to prepare

1.2.1. What can I bring onboard

1.2.2. what to pack before going to halong bay

1.3. safety matters

1.3.1. is halong bay safe

1.3.2. Halong bay scam

1.3.3. Halong bay shark

1.3.4. Safety of Ha Long Bay Cruise

1.3.5. How safe is Halong

1.3.6. Can you swim in Halong Bay?

1.3.7. halong bay animals

1.4. Places to choose

1.4.1. Halong bay or Bai Tu Long bay

1.4.2. Halong bay or lan ha bay?

1.4.3. Difference between Bai Tu Long bay & Halong Bay

1.4.4. Which island in Ha Long bay to visit and stay?

2. during trip

2.1. accomodation

2.1.1. where to stay in halong bay

2.1.2. best place to stay in halong bay

2.1.3. where to stay in halong bay

2.1.4. halong bay island stay

2.1.5. ha long bay resort

2.2. food & drinks

2.2.1. Halaal food

2.2.2. Dine at Ha Long Bay

2.2.3. vegetarian foods in halong

2.2.4. ha long bay restaurant

2.2.5. halong vietnamese restaurant

2.2.6. halong bay bar

2.2.7. halong market

2.3. activities

2.3.1. halong bay kayaking

2.3.2. halong bay sailing

2.3.3. oasis party cruise halong bay

2.3.4. halong bay snorkeling

2.3.5. halong bay amusement park

2.3.6. halong bay shopping

2.4. cruise

2.4.1. halong party cruise

2.4.2. top 10 halong bay cruises

2.4.3. halong bay luxury cruise

2.4.4. halong bay cruise tripadvisor

2.4.5. best cruise in halong bay

2.4.6. paradise cruise halong bay

2.4.7. halong bay cruise hunters

2.4.8. best deals/ affordable prices Cheap halong bay day trip Halong Bay Cruise Package halong bay tour deals

2.4.9. pages to book agoda booking halong bay trip advisor halong bay airbnb

2.4.10. review which cruise company to choose day cruises or night cruises

2.5. tour

2.5.1. halong bay cave tour

2.5.2. halong bay one day tour

2.5.3. recommended halong bay tours

2.6. transportation

2.6.1. Halong Bay transportation?

2.6.2. Which airport is closest to Halong Bay?

2.6.3. from hanoi to halong

2.6.4. halong city to halong bay

2.6.5. halong bay port

2.7. destinations