The ADDIE Process

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The ADDIE Process by Mind Map: The ADDIE Process

1. Analysis: The process of determining objectives of the instruction and the needs of the learners

1.1. Define the general problem or objective of the project.

1.2. Assess the current knowledge or practices of learners.

1.3. Set specific learning or training objectives

1.4. For a revision: Use Evaluation results to define objectives for the next iteration of the project.

2. Design: Determination of instructional format, approaches, and content.

2.1. Define instructional format or formats.

2.2. Describe the content that needs to be included.

2.3. Describe instructional approaches that will be used for each section of the content.

2.4. Design assessments in line with learning objectives.

3. Development: Creation and initial testing of instructional material.

3.1. Create course content by following the guidelines created in the design stage.

3.2. Test or practice instructional materials and use feedback to improve.

4. Implementation: Instructional materials deployed or instruction begins.

4.1. Conduct preparatory training of learners and/or instructors.

4.2. Instruction and learning begins.

5. Evaluation: Assessment of success in meeting instructional goals and overall objective.

5.1. Formative testing of learners to assess success in meeting specific training or learning objectives.

5.2. Summative assessment of learners of the course's success in addressing the overall project

5.3. Assessment of client and learner satisfaction.