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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Implement

1.1. Provide facilitated full version of the course for a group of learners

1.1.1. Train facilitators and monitor facilitation

1.1.2. Move course assets into LMS

1.1.3. Collect learner feedback both during and after course

1.1.4. Monitor course analytics and troubleshoot during implementation for common problems

2. Analyze

2.1. At this stage, clarify the instructional problem and desired learning outcomes, and collect/analyze info on your learners, client (if different) and on constraints to learning

2.1.1. Identify instructional problem and desired learner behaviors

2.1.2. Interview learners and client to understand needs, learning preferences, constraints

2.1.3. Make preliminary choices about LMS, authoring tool, length of program and top-level learning goals

2.1.4. Get feedback from client, and secure agreement on initial approach to design stage

3. Design

3.1. Use a mapping or storyboarding process to detail out preliminary ideas about objectives, modules, order of topics, and pace while securing feedback

3.1.1. Quantify costs and time for development, implementation and evaluation

3.1.2. Map course including learning objectives, and develop a consist approach to content presentation, learner interaction, learning activities and, assessment across modules

3.1.3. Identify desired transfer of knowledge and get feedback on map based on ability to achieve transfer of knowledge/behavior change

3.1.4. Articulate administration requirements and job requirements for facilitators, agree on evaluation approach for course

4. Develop

4.1. Create and assemble content based on revised map, beta test

4.1.1. Create and assemble content assets

4.1.2. Conduct beta testing, make sure the course can be navigated as expected