Any means whatsoever for quickly moving & living abroad (with some visa or residence permit or ci...

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Any means whatsoever for quickly moving & living abroad (with some visa or residence permit or citizenship) by Mind Map: Any means whatsoever for quickly moving & living abroad (with some visa or residence permit or citizenship)

1. Job

1.1. With Current Experience

1.1.1. Graphic Designer Could do more in depth searches here for all the jobs I'm qualified for "Visa relocation" searches Skill shortage searches

1.1.2. Photographer

1.1.3. Writer

1.1.4. Director

1.1.5. Video Editor

1.1.6. Music & Sound Composer Sound Designer Producer Mixing or Mastering Engineer

1.1.7. Teach English In Japan, might not require a lot of experience Start applying to ones requiring little experience? ALTIA (Recommended by one Youtuber) Potentially in Poland too? (Although pay seems not to be good according to my search up to now)

1.1.8. Freelance: FlexJobs | Remote Jobs, Part-Time Jobs, Freelance Jobs CloudPeeps – discover the best freelance talent and jobs

1.1.9. Work Online Teaching Teaching english Apply for Online Tutoring Jobs | TutorMe Potential search area: r/WorkOnline Careers - Appen Virtual Assistant Freelance Highest paying upwork jobs: Top 16 Freelance Jobs in 2017 were all in Technology, UpWork Says - Small Business Trends

1.1.10. Consultant

1.1.11. Japan Apparently it costs around $1,400-1,600 to live in Japan on the outskirts of Tokyo or better yet in more rural areas. Rent can range from $400-1000, and food $400-600. This means I'd save approx. $1,000-500 per month. Rent is cheaper with share houses, and food is cheaper if you cook. Share houses JET Eikaiwa (may be better) Colleges Speaking Colleges Become an admin or manager of english teachers? Non-English teaching jobs (that dont need you to learn Japanese) Buy furniture from second hand shops Or build your own furniture Get free stuff by joining Mottainai Japan Facebook Grouip Buying Groceries 100 yen shops - you can buy 'anything' there Travelling by bus is cheaper, but is it faster and more comfortable? English Teacher in Japan) Promotion / Moving from there ALT Eikaawa Work Visa Direct-Hire Saving money Some good tips Niigata Where to Find Jobs Might not be so good after all after hearing a lot of the criticisms from people about how they overwork you, and give you low pay. Might just be a way to get in and then search for other jobs once inside. Better with better qualifications: From someone who is in a similar experience to me: r/teachinginjapan - The "I'm not in Japan yet" - Employment Questions Mega thread - ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT JOBS/PLACEMENTS/COMPANIES GO IN HERE Caricature artist

1.1.12. Actor

1.2. More experience needed

1.2.1. Instructional Designer

1.2.2. Motion Designer

1.2.3. Psychologist / Psychiatrist (Credentials seem to be necessary)

1.2.4. Tutor / Home tutor

1.3. Not much need for experience

1.3.1. Online Jobs 63 Jobs That Require No Experience & Let You Work at Home!

1.3.2. Others

1.4. Idea: Grow expertise based on most in-demand jobs worldwide that are fastest to gain expertise in

1.5. Freelance online (Upwork, etc.) - Does not meet visa requirement but could be a good way to raise money for other routes (such as business)

1.6. Search for skill shortage jobs / most in demand jobs in countries of interest to see if there's anything that fits my qualifications there

1.7. Art Dealer

1.7.1. Could research this further to check the likelihood of success, and to see if I can popularize my mom's work online.

1.8. Mechanical Turk

1.8.1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

1.8.2. Could earn money online doing simple tasks for machine learning / data sets

1.8.3. Figure Eight

1.8.4. Clickworkers

2. Business

2.1. Current business ideas

2.1.1. Huene Art Discovery Course (Ready to sell as service as opposed to course - can be taught)

2.1.2. Memoria French Pronunciation Course (20% Completed) - Requires more reinforcement

2.1.3. Huene Records Grow following then sell more music or tutor? Research how to grow a following + apply current known tools

2.1.4. Leon Huene - Submit to labels as a Musician

2.1.5. Blogging

2.1.6. Tutoring

2.1.7. Sell my art online Take Fresco's drawing course, and draw and sell stuff online. Then try and find what sells the most for the highest and try to create a merger between all of the top selling art.

2.2. Others I'm not thinking about

2.2.1. Scientific approach: Building a business based on what's in need in that country

2.2.2. Start a lottery business

2.2.3. Start a English-teaching Japanese company with programmed instruction (could be the start for Memoria) Since there seems to be a ton of demand for English teachers and all this money they can pay them, there seems to be extremely high demand that could be met, though perhaps this needs confirmation? I don't know. If I could make a course that teaches English to Japanese people at a much lower price (but still high as a product), I could potentially wipe out the whole market if the course is actually successful and sufficient for getting a Japanese person to fluency (and eventually all ages) Seems to be more scientific since there seems to be demand - though this may need checking. Is the demand for courses equally as strong? It seems probable.

2.2.4. Clothes that never need washing business

2.3. Art Dealer

2.4. AI optimized bitcoin mining / genetic algorithm energy generation

3. TVP

3.1. Unlikely and pending cause Ray's busy

4. Sustainable Route

4.1. Still seems to requires some initial funding and provides no visa

4.2. Find some other way that requires no funding (e.g. survival guides, nomadic furniture, etc.)

4.3. House

4.3.1. Potentially ask Roxanne if there are any cheap versions of the domes I could build on my own to live in Could even ask her if she knows of any way to get something small set up with food, water, etc. - There might be ways Fresco mentions too.

4.3.2. Portable Sustainable House Build a portable sustianable house which I can travel the world with, which provides food, water, shelter, protection from weather, electricity (renewable energy). Only missing element would be internet

4.3.3. Prefabricated domes seem to sell for as low as $7-10K. I bet I could make one for even cheaper if Roxanne can give me some ideas. From there, Farmbot costs $5K, and there may be other sustainabel systems or ways to make meat from those vegetables, or other approaches I can explore

4.3.4. Domes to buy

4.3.5. Sustainable houses to buy

4.4. Food

4.4.1. Plants FarmBot | Open-Source CNC Farming Build large: Personal Food Computer Project Overview ‹ Personal Food Computer – MIT Media Lab Home or Small Business — AUTOCROP™ Hydroponic Solutions | Automated Fresh Farming Solutions Grobo One Automated Grow Box Grow Recipes | Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box CityCrop | Automated Indoor Farming Aeroponics BUY True Aeroponics - Aeroponic Units, System, Biocontrols and spray jets Reserve Your Leaf At A Discount Niwa: Get growing fruits and & vegetables at home! Modern Sprout Indoor Herb Gardens and Indoor Gardening Kits | Click & Grow Very expensive though and requires a "subscription" for plant pods

4.5. Water

4.5.1. Shower Shower Loop Orbital Systems The First Digital Recirculating Shower System

4.6. Renewable Energy

4.7. Internet

4.8. Bathroom

5. Volunteering for food & accomodation (excludes visa as far as I know as well as ticket & visa price)

5.1. Volunteering Abroad and Help Exchange for Gapyear Overseas

5.2. Worldpackers: Work Exchange, Volunteer Abroad, Gap Year

5.3. Workaway in over 180 countries - give meaning to your travels

5.4. WWOOF

5.4.1. WWOOF Australia | Volunteer on Organic Farms

5.4.2. WWOOF Independents Europe | WWOOF

5.5. Create Change, Be Changed with MovingWorlds Professional Development Programs |

5.6. For temporary relief: find countries you don't need to get visas to enter into - only needing my Egyptian passport to do so

5.6.1. 52 Countries Egyptians Can Travel To Without Visa

5.7. Paid transportation

5.7.1. Ride-share

5.8. Accomodation only

5.8.1. Short term (seemingly) Triff Locals auf der ganzen Welt und übernachte bei ihnen Friendsitting - Turn the Whole World into your Living Room (Seemingly only for native english speakers though) Home - Diverbo Global

5.8.2. House Sitting

5.9. Is this accomodation only?

5.9.1. Is this accommodation only? staydu – stay it your way Example: Partager, échanger, découvrir l’autre en Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine) , France – staydu

5.9.2. Trustroots: travellers hospitality community

5.10. Food & Accomodation

5.10.1. Hippohelp Work Exchange - Work, travel and live with the locals, all for free! Organic biodynamic garden and artisan bakery More places to search in: UK, Australia, other parts of Europe, New Zealand, Japan, etc. Japan Help at my guest house near Nagoya, Japan Canada Looks great: Little Atlin Lodge Interesting but primitive: The Magic & Mystery of Yukon, no Work Visa required France Good example in France: Rural Secluded Cottage in the Pays de La Loire Northern France

6. Other approaches I'm not thinking about

6.1. Fart propulsion

6.1.1. Could harvest energy from methane gas

6.2. Suicide

7. Places I want to (potentially live in)

7.1. Switzerland

7.1.1. jungfrau lauterbrunnen

8. AI

8.1. Scientific Decision Making

8.1.1. AI that reverse searches functional relations in scientific papers when you give it a desired effect (dependent variable)

8.1.2. Also it tries to find "domino chains" of functional relations

8.1.3. Could be used to make money

8.2. Design an AI that beats game tournaments/big money contests

8.3. Neuroevolution