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ADDIE Model by Mind Map: ADDIE Model

1. Analysis

1.1. Learners are Identified

1.2. Problem is Defined

1.3. Learning Outcomes are Determined

1.4. Available Resources are Assessed

1.5. Perform thorough needs assessment

2. Design

2.1. Determine Lesson & Activity Sequence

2.2. Select Media Sources for Instruction

2.3. Decide on Summative vs. Formative Assessments

2.4. Assign Learning Outcomes to Each Lesson & Activity

2.5. Specify Learning Methodologies that will be Employed

2.6. Be as specific as possible during this phase

3. Development

3.1. Create Storyboards

3.2. Craft Content Assets and Ingrained Feedback

3.3. Interactive Modules are Tested

3.4. Perform Quality and Regulatory Checks

3.5. Verify Compliance with all Associated Governing Agencies and Best Practices

4. Evaluation

4.1. Leverage Course Metrics to Determine if Learning Outcomes have been Achieved

4.2. Develop Corrective Measures to Remediate Subpar Elements

4.3. Focus on Never Allowing a Course to become Stagnant; There is Always Room for Improvement

5. Implementation

5.1. Create Facilitator Training

5.2. Defined Assessment Procedures

5.3. Establish Student Motivational Techniques

5.4. Establish a Framework of Sequence within which to Present Course Content

5.5. Emphasis on Time Management