My Personal learning Environment

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My Personal learning Environment by Mind Map: My Personal learning Environment

1. I like to learn about:

1.1. Painting

1.2. Playing Piano

1.3. Computer programming

1.4. Technology enhanced learning

2. People whom I learn much of them.

2.1. My son: because he ask me a lot of questions

2.2. My supervisor

2.3. My network on Facebook

3. Internet tools which I use them for my learning

3.1. Google to search

3.2. Wikipedia to find information

3.3. Mindmeister to mind mapping

3.4. Twitter to microblogging

3.5. Weblog to express my opinion

3.6. Google docs to create document

3.7. Diigo to bookmark web

3.8. Netvibes to dashboarding web

3.9. Facebook to networking

4. Ask me about

4.1. Computer Programming

4.2. Doing research

4.3. Problem analyzing

4.4. Internet tools

4.5. Innovative learning

5. I always learn by

5.1. Thinking

5.2. asking question

5.3. Reading articles

5.4. Writing about subject

5.5. Brain storming