The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by Mind Map: The Great Gatsby

1. They all had a party in Tom's apartment down in the valley of ashes. At this party there were a lot of conversations with people changing settings. The biggest event in the chapter was Tom assaulted his mistress and broke her nose for speaking of his wife.

2. Mr.Wilson

3. Myrtle

4. Setting

4.1. Wilson's home

4.2. Valley of Ashes

4.3. Toms Apartment

4.4. Gatsbys home

4.5. Buchanan's Home

5. Plot

6. Plot

6.1. Chapter 1 was just meeting different characters and introducing the setting and background of the story. It gives information on Nick and how he got to where he is

7. Setting

7.1. Nicks Home

7.2. Buchanan's Home

8. Tom

9. Jordan Baker

10. Daisy

11. Nick

12. Chapter 1

12.1. Characters:

13. Chapter 2

13.1. Characters 2

14. Theme

14.1. The American Dream. The valley of Ashes failed to be a good example of the dream. In the second chapter it shows a lot of different social classes and it exemplifies the american dream.

15. Theme

15.1. Love and Relationships because we discover the affair between Tom and Myrtle. So Tom has to figure out his marriage and his affair because his wife has found out.

16. Symbols

16.1. The billboard of the doctors eyes. This symbolizes the difference in social classes between the rich people and the people that live in the valley of ashes.

17. Symbols

17.1. Daisy and Myrtle are both names that are also flowers and the flowers meaning are significant to their personalities