Uniform Service examples

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Uniform Service examples by Mind Map: Uniform Service examples

1. Responsibility

1.1. Fire Service

1.1.1. Saving people lives during a building fire, rescuing those from trapped buildings

1.2. Army

1.2.1. Protect the country during natural disasters, barracks, London - crime and big event security

2. Dedication

2.1. Police

2.1.1. Police working murder cases over time, going through CCTV recordings, following leads making phone calls and foot patrols, to identify the murderer and ensure they are arrested before any other incidents as well as justice for those who lost family.

2.2. Paramedic/Ambulance

2.2.1. Elderly person by themselves, lonely and help them with paperwork and company to ensure the long lasting health

2.3. Fire department

2.3.1. Training regularly to keep fit to be able to for fill role requirement

2.4. Airforce

2.4.1. Training dedication to study and improve knowledge to be able to perform checks and fly aircrafts for civilian protection

3. Awareness of other needs

3.1. Police

3.1.1. Dealing with all sorts of people, making arrests, following legal procedures and exercising human rights

3.2. Police

3.2.1. Finding other ways of communicating with the public with as writing it down, google translate, sign language interpreter

3.3. Royal Navy

3.3.1. Other territories around the world making sure we are protecting them when need be

4. Attitudes towards others

4.1. Police

4.1.1. Dealing with people shouting at you or public, calming them down, politeness