Teaching in the 21st Century

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Teaching in the 21st Century by Mind Map: Teaching in the 21st Century

1. Teachers need to Experiment with many different forms of technology before presenting them to their students.

1.1. Need to evaluate which ones are actually valuable and easy to work with.

2. Talk to other teachers to see which tools they find most useful.

3. Needs to be engaging not just entertaining

3.1. New node

4. Find tools that have value

4.1. need to have an educational purpose

5. Ensure there is balance between technology and other forms of instruction.

6. Students need to be taught the technology.

6.1. Teach them how to use it responsibly and in appropriate ways.

7. Allow students to Create new ideas and projects with technology rather than just using it for information gathering or presenting.

7.1. Allows for higher order thinking

8. Can be used to assist with differentiation