What Does it Mean to Teach the 21st Century Learner?

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What Does it Mean to Teach the 21st Century Learner? by Mind Map: What Does it Mean to Teach the 21st Century Learner?

1. Sometimes it may even mean asking for help from your students

2. Thinking outside of the box

3. Being the facilitator of learning, not the giver of knowledge

4. Using the technologies that students are familiar with using to engage them in the classroom

5. Teaching students how to use technology effectively so that they can sort, validate, synthesize and communicate information that they find on the internet

6. Fostering creativity in our students

7. Educate students on how to avoid lures that advertisers use on the internet that can suck them in to believing lies or falling for propaganda

8. Using collaboration and cooperation in the classroom

9. Show students how to use resources available to them (technology) in order to solve practical, real life problems

10. Help students develop as contributing and respectable citizens (through character education)

11. Instead of showing students how to know, let students practice skills needed to demonstrate their learning

12. Challenge all levels of learners to LOVE learning and to explore knowledge, history and the world around them

13. Don't look to the past, lead into the future

14. Using games to teach students

15. Consider learning styles, gender differences, and brain based learning in your instruction

16. Try new things, take risks, and learn from the experiences

17. Ask for help and collaborate with other teachers and educators

18. Keep students active (mentally and physically)

19. Relate students learning to their real lives

20. Prepare students for their life after school

21. Use simulations, role play and drama in the classroom to emotionally connect students to their learning

22. Switch the focus from memorization and grades to understanding and applying

23. Learn to be flexible!

24. Inquiry learning

25. A constructivist approach to teaching and learning

26. Involvement, interaction and group work in the classroom

27. Discovery learning!