Podcast Brainstorming

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Podcast Brainstorming by Mind Map: Podcast Brainstorming

1. Influence of farmer's markets on children's eating

2. Early childhood signs for disordered eating/eating disorders

3. Associations between mental health and eating behaviors

3.1. Impact of mental health on nutrition/eating

4. Lifestyle Interventions to treat Childhood Obesity

5. Emerging Adulthood

5.1. Cooking skills among high schoolers

5.1.1. How can you prepare high schoolers for the transition to college?

5.2. College/university

5.2.1. University/institutional impacts on student wellness

5.2.2. Freshman 15

5.2.3. How diet changes as you enter college

5.2.4. Parenting styles and their influence on disordered eating

5.2.5. Promoting student wellness Choosing healthy options in the dining hall

5.3. teenagers and young adults not enrolled in college

6. Racial/ethnic and economic disparities in childhood obesity

6.1. Obesity among Hispanic Adolescents

6.2. Food experiences of low-income inviduals

6.3. Food Insecurity

6.3.1. Food insecurity and farmers' markets

7. Food Marketing

8. Sports Nutrition/Diet of Athletes

9. Specific Diets and Children (keto, intermittent fasting)

10. Picky Eaters

10.1. tricks to get kids to eat veggies

11. Farm to Table

11.1. Farmer's Markets

12. Summer Food Service Program

13. Government and Agriculture

14. Schools

14.1. School Food Service

14.1.1. Naming school entrees

14.1.2. School cafeteria employees

14.1.3. Restructuring mealtime in schools

14.1.4. Between school differences in school food service participation

14.1.5. Packed lunch vs. school lunch

14.1.6. Perspectives on school meals

14.1.7. Stigma of school meals

14.1.8. School food service vendors (Chartwells)

14.1.9. Effect of CEP on student nutrition

14.2. Peer interactions during mealtimes

14.2.1. Peer pressure and eating behavior Lunchroom dynamics and eating

14.3. School nutrition programs

14.4. Elements of a healthy school food environment

15. Food Allergies

15.1. Stigma of food allergies in school

15.2. Challenges and how to navigate

15.3. Parents of children with food allergies

16. Families/Parenting

16.1. family eating patterns

16.2. Family meals

16.2.1. What about families that don't cook?

16.2.2. What about families that don't eat meals together

16.2.3. How and where are meals eaten? Does it matter?

16.3. Cooking with kids

16.4. Parental dieting and its influence on children

16.5. Role of non-parents (babysitters) in feeding

16.6. Pressuring children to eat, unintended consequences of encouraging children to eat

16.7. Meal and snack planning

16.8. Probiotics for children, beliefs and impact on diet

17. Disordered Eating

17.1. Impact of obesity interventions on disordered eating and body image

17.2. Body image and disordered eating in LGBTQ youth

17.3. Social media and disordered eating

18. Body and food shaming in the media

19. Diverse food cultures

19.1. Supporting international/cultural diets in nutrition counseling and food service

19.2. Promoting local food

19.3. How history influences our food choices

19.4. Global food systems