Zionsville Country Veterinary Clinic

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Zionsville Country Veterinary Clinic by Mind Map: Zionsville Country Veterinary Clinic

1. Veterinary Staff

1.1. Practice Owners

1.1.1. Dr. Shari Lyons: Medical Director

1.1.2. Dr. Rick Lyons: Head of Surgery

1.2. Associate DVM's

1.2.1. Dr. Melissa Pearson

1.2.2. Dr. Alice Johns

2. Management

2.1. AJ Keesee: Operations Manager

2.1.1. Technical Heidi Meloche, RVT: Lead Tech Laz Meneses: Dental/Surgery/Rooms Haley Rennick, RVT: Dental/Surgery/Rooms Paula Davis: Rooms. Facilities. Kennel Lead Carrie McGuire, RVT: Rooms. OSHA Erica Marks: Rooms. Trupanion Abbigail Miller: Rooms: Lab Transfers Thomas Barram: Rooms. FF/LSH

2.1.2. Client Service Katie Reiter: Lead CSR DIane Harris: Rebate Program Nancy Rougeau: Rx. Audit Juli Lanpher Madeleine Martin

2.2. Aimee Martin: Practice Manager

2.2.1. Data Entry Sharon Parrotte: Data Entry Manager & A/R Madeleine Martin

2.2.2. Inventory Dr. Alice Johns: Inventory Manager Diane Harris: Food Inventory Paula: Medical Inventory

2.2.3. Marketing AJ Keesee: Marketing Manager Katie Reiter: Social Media

2.2.4. IT Kelly Brown