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Saosin by Mind Map: Saosin

1. Genres

1.1. Post-hardcore

1.2. Alternative rock

2. Members

2.1. Beau Burchell

2.2. Justin Shekoski

2.3. Chris Sorenson

2.4. Alex Rodriguez

3. CDs Sold

3.1. 1,362,000 copies sold worldwide

3.2. Behind the scenes look into the making of the album as well as music videos of "Bury Your Head" and also fot the album "Lost Symphonies."

4. Band Name

4.1. Anthony Green, the former vocalist, had initially suggested the name "Saosin" for the band. Saosin means "caution" in Chinese

4.2. Green explained the meaning behind this as being a reference to the fact that nothing is eternal, and that it is a mistake to become overly attached to any one or thing, because that thing will eventually be lost.

5. Albums

5.1. Come Close

5.2. The Grey

5.3. I Have Become What I've Always Hated

5.4. In Search of Solid Ground

5.5. Translating the Name