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Lesson Planning by Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Podcast

1.1. Notes

1.1.1. Weather Warning Podcast

1.1.2. Goals of Each Lesson The goal of this lesson is for students to demonstrate their learning of severe weather with a podcast. The podcast will serve as a tool to educate listeners on what kind of severe weather is coming, what causes this weather and what they can do to prepare for it. The premise is that students will be educating the general public in order to help keep them safe.

1.1.3. Content Students will learn to share information with the public using the platform of a podcast, and reinforce their learning of severe weather.

1.1.4. Method of Instruction The teacher will start their lesson by playing their example podcast. The students and teacher will then talk about what made the podcast attractive to listen too, what it contained and what the purpose of it was. The teacher will then explain the assignment to the students. They will be responsible for creating their own podcast to education the public on a severe weather phenomena. There will be the option for students to publish their podcast online on the classroom web page to help educate others.

1.1.5. Method of Evaluation Students will be evaluated on the accuracy of the information provided in their podcast, but a larger weight will be put on the students editing of the podcast to make it enticing and easy to understand for the listeners.

1.2. Resources

1.2.1. Materials Internet Podcast Platform: ex Podbean Class notes or books on topic

1.2.2. People Students may have contact with someone who studies weather. Teacher will provide formative feedback throughout the process

1.2.3. Facilities Computer lab/Laptop cart Library may be an option

1.3. Objectives

1.3.1. Main objective 1 Manitoba Curriculum ICT Science

1.4. Prerequisites

1.4.1. Review Teacher will review the different severe weathers that they have covered as a class, and some of the basic safety precautions for each. Teacher will also review the elements involved in a podcast, and what are some of the things that make a podcast excellent.

1.4.2. Goals The goal will be for students to not just understand weather but to appreciate the effectiveness in using a podcast to share information

2. Video

2.1. Notes

2.1.1. Linear Equation Video Lesson

2.1.2. Goals of Each Lesson The goal of this lesson is for students to help prepare each other for their unit test by each providing a practice question (provided) in a video form for upload. This will provide a library of questions and answer for students to reference as needed. Another goal will be to introduce students to using ICT in math.

2.1.3. Content Students will combine solving linear equations while using ScreenCastify.

2.1.4. Method of Instruction Teachcer will show the students an example video, as well as demonstrate to them how to use screen castify. The teacher will also show students Kahn Academy, which is the inspiration for this lesson.

2.1.5. Method of Evaluation Students will send the youtube link of their video to the teacher via email. The video will be evaluated for accuracy and uploaded onto the class youtube page where the teacher puts class materials, tutorials and allows the students to comment on videos and ask for further explanation. Students will be evaluated on the accuracy of their answer to the question as well as whether they completed on time.

2.2. Resources

2.2.1. Materials will be visited to show students the inspiration for the lesson. Students will require access to a computer that meets the requirements for the lesson. Internet access

2.2.2. People Teacher will be available to assist students Students may seek information from other teachers/parents/internet users to assist them.

2.2.3. Facilities The use of the computer lab may be needed depending on the accessibility of devices.

2.3. Objectives

2.3.1. Main objective 1 Manitoba Curriculum ICT Objective Math

2.4. Prerequisites

2.4.1. Review This lesson will happen at the end of the unit to prepare for the unit test; it will cover processes that have already been taught in depth. The students will use ScreenCastify, therefore it is important that there have been a review of how to use this program for the students.

2.4.2. Goals Goal is to provide a visual aid to students to help them study, and also to familiarize themselves with ScreenCastify and how technology can fbe used with Math as well.

3. Collaboration

3.1. Notes

3.1.1. The Global National Environment

3.1.2. Goals of Each Lesson The goal of this lesson will be for students to become familiar with some parts of the global national environment, while working collaboratively. In groups of 3 or 4, students will choose a subject such as: 1. Mount Everest, Himalayas 2. The Northern Lights 3. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 4. Great Barrier Reef, Australia 5. Grand Canyon, Arizona 6. Paricutin Volcano, Mexico 7. The Harbour, Rio de Jeneiro 8. Students may also choose another phenomena, either anywhere in the world or in Canada The students will work collaboratively, preferably on Google Slides, to present their research to the class. This will give the students a chance to learn about several aspects of the globe.

3.1.3. Content Students will use a collaborative medium, in this case Google Slides, to present their research on a major landform, body of water, climate or vegetation zones.

3.1.4. Method of Instruction Instruction will begin by the teacher introducing the unit on Global National Environment in Cluster 1 of the Social Studies Curriculum. The teacher will talk in class about some of the worlds most famous landforms, as well as some the different phenomena around the world. The teacher will then show their example assignment on the Bay of Fundy and demonstrate how they chose to break up the topic into sections ex. weather. The teacher will then lay out the expectations of the assignment and form the groups.

3.1.5. Method of Evaluation Students will be assessed on their information, but more importantly, students will be assessed on their ability to work colaboratively. How do they deal with issues in group work? What did they learn about themselves through the process? The actual document will be graded on a rubric reflecting their information, the presentations attractiveness and their grammar and spelling.

3.2. Resources

3.2.1. Materials Students may use textbooks for information Online tutorials for Google slides if they have forgotten anything Internet Access

3.2.2. People The other members of their group will be the students biggest resource. This is how they will learn to work together, share resources and plan as a whole.

3.2.3. Facilities Computer Lab/ Laptop Cart Library

3.3. Objectives

3.3.1. Main objective 1 Manitoba Curriculum ICT objective Social Studies

3.4. Prerequisites

3.4.1. Review Before this lesson, students will need to be reminded of how to use Google Slides and they will need to be reminded of the expectations when using online mediums for school. Before this lesson, the teacher will also want to review some of the major components of the globe and what they consist of, as the students will be required to come up for the own sections of their project.

3.4.2. Goals The main goal set out for students before the lesson begins is that they would learn to work together effectively and that they would go on to explore other mediums to accomplish this.

4. Map

4.1. Notes

4.1.1. Canada's Involvement in WWII

4.1.2. Goal of the lesson For students to become aware of the large contribution that Canada had in World War 2. Students will use a Google map to plot at least 5 points of Canadian Involvement in the War in Europe. The teacher hopes that students will appreciate how far from home the soldiers had to go to fight, as well as how an event on the other side of the world affects all of us.

4.1.3. Content Students will become famliiar with Canadas contriibution to war efforts as well as become comfortable using Google Maps as a form of presentation.

4.1.4. Method of Instruction This lesson will follow a sequence of lessons covering World War 2. When we are nearing the end of the unit, the teacher will show an example map where they have plotted 5 important points in World War 2, and included all of the information that they have concluded to be important. The teacher will then explain the assignment to students. The students will plot the 5 points on their own map and include the information that THEY find important relating to Canada's war efforts in regards to that battle or event. All of the information will be provided on the plotted point.

4.1.5. Method of Evaluation Students will be evaluated on the accuracy of their plotted point, on the information that they chose to include, as well as whether they included a Canadian aspect in their work. Students will also be evaluated on appearances. Did they include pictures? Did they adjust their base map for easy reading?

4.2. Resources

4.2.1. Materials GoogleMaps Internet Textbooks or other World War 2 books

4.2.2. People Students may find veterans to be a valuable resource, maybe they can pick a point where that veteran was themselves The teacher will provide formative feedback throughout the process

4.2.3. Facilities Computer lab/ Laptop Cart Option of using Library

4.3. Objectives

4.3.1. Main objective 1 Manitoba Curriculum ICT Objective Social Studies

4.4. Prerequisites

4.4.1. Review This lesson will follow a sequence of lessons on World War 2 so the students should be well immersed in the subject by this point. A lesson will have had to be done on Google Maps in order for the students to feel comfortable using it.

4.4.2. Goals The main goal is that students will see Google Maps as a new way to present information, while appreciating the Canadian War efforts. (I had no idea you could make your own Google Map until this course and I think it would have been a useful tool to use in my previous school years).