Implement Quality Assurance

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Implement Quality Assurance by Mind Map: Implement Quality Assurance

1. Test case template

1.1. Standard version

1.1.1. Writing test case Morakot VB Customer Potential Customer Collateral

1.2. Customization

2. Research knowledge

2.1. Test Management Phase

2.1.1. Planning Risk Analysis Test Estimation Test Planning Test Organization

2.1.2. Execution Test Monitoring and Control log aggregators Monitoring Issue Management Redmine Git Lab Test Report and Evaluation

2.2. Improve Test Case Efficiency

2.3. The format of Standard Test Cases

2.4. Constructing Test Cases with Avoid Common Mistakes

2.5. Understanding QA process, method, cycle, challenge

3. Test Case Management Software

3.1. Google sheet

3.2. Redmine

3.3. Gitlab

3.4. Morakot Framework (Internal Build)

3.5. Tuleap (Simple in future)

4. Q&A Roll-Out

4.1. Recruitment Staff

4.1.1. Tester Internship or junior dev

4.1.2. Test Mananger

4.2. Presentation

4.3. Design phase

4.4. Design process

4.5. Integration process

4.6. QA Cycle

5. Quality Control Tool

5.1. Simple HP LAM

6. Responsibilities for department

6.1. Improves the quality, reliability & performance of the system.

6.2. Testing Team Structure

6.2.1. Phase 1 Test Manager Manage the whole project Defines the project direction Tester 1. Builds up the Test Cases 2. Generate Test Suites 3. Execute the tests, Log results, Report the defect

6.2.2. Phase 2 Test Administrator Builds up and ensures Test Environment and assets are managed and maintained Developer in Test Creates program to test – code created by developers. Creates test automation scripts SQA Members Take in Charge of Quality Assurance