Middle School Lesson Plan Reflection

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Middle School Lesson Plan Reflection by Mind Map: Middle School Lesson Plan Reflection

1. How is it different?

1.1. Brings authenticity and meaning to the lesson

1.2. Activity based, group work

2. What I liked most:

2.1. Flexibility of timing

2.2. Combining various teachable subjects

2.3. Guiding questions as assessment

2.4. Instructional lens aspect

3. I needed to reflect upon:

3.1. Whether it was age appropriate

3.2. Whether the class could stay focused

3.3. Classroom/behaviour management in a younger setting

4. Our biggest questions:

4.1. Will this plan be effective?

4.2. Will they understand the lesson?

4.3. Will this be engaging according to adolescent learner characteristics

4.4. Will this lesson be effective in combining both teachable subjects and meeting both curriculum standards?

5. Idea I can transfer to future lessons:

5.1. Using activity based learning, even if we are teaching high school

5.2. Combining multiple subjects to make it a holistic lesson

5.3. Using our knowledge on cross-curricular lesson planning in our high school classes (numeracy, literacy in all classes, etc.)

6. Keiran, Rachel T, Rachel H, Sheena, and Luke