Teaching in Middle School by DeUndra Green

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Teaching in Middle School by DeUndra Green by Mind Map: Teaching in Middle School by DeUndra Green

1. Use a wide range of instructional strategies to accompany all students' needs

1.1. do experiments, peer teaching, group work, etc.

2. Implement exploratory programs so that students may develop individual interest

2.1. use interest inventories to find things that your students enjoy and with that, create your activities

3. Set high standards for your students and help them to meet those standards

3.1. These standards promotes positive attitudes and behaviors and encourages students to achieve

3.1.1. Low expectations lead to alienation, discouragement, and lack of effort

4. In order for your students to be comfortable, you must create a positive environment

4.1. A positive middle school climate is safe, inviting, and caring. It promotes a sense of community, family, and encourages learning and growth.

5. Be an advocate for your students

5.1. All students should have at least one adult who knows them well, genuinely cares for them, and supports their academic and personal development

5.1.1. The ultimate result should be that no student feels unknown or neglected

5.1.2. This advocate can also act as the primary person whom the family makes contact when communicating about the child

6. Curriculum needs not to be a rehash of elementary school and not only a preparation for secondary school

6.1. Needs to be uniquely designed to meet the young adolescents' physical, psychosocial, and cognitive developmental needs.