The Fraser Family: Amelia, Morgan, and their daughter Molly

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The Fraser Family: Amelia, Morgan, and their daughter Molly by Mind Map: The Fraser Family:        Amelia, Morgan, and their daughter Molly

1. Strengths

1.1. Honesty

1.2. Team Work

1.3. Communication

1.4. Financial Stability

1.5. Verbal Reassurance

1.5.1. Face-time every night. Communication and bonding

1.6. Physical Reassurance

1.7. Flexibility to changes

2. Supports

2.1. Each-other

2.2. Parenting Groups

2.2.1. Amelia is interested Connect with people experiencing similar situations Involvement in the community

2.3. Bus Transportation

2.3.1. Transit APP Gets Amelia around

2.4. Employment services

2.4.1. Help Jack find closer employment Jack home with Molly more

2.5. Neighborhood friends

2.5.1. Babysit Molly occasionally Amelia can clean and rest

3. Goals

3.1. Housekeeping

3.2. Sleep

3.2.1. Smart Goal Sleep routine for Molly Within a month

3.3. Physical Health

3.3.1. Healthy eating.

3.3.2. Daily routine and activities. Get Amelia out of the house.

3.4. Closer Employment

3.4.1. Smart Goal Closer employment Within 6 months

3.5. Asthma Consultation

3.5.1. Seek specialist. manage her asthma Extra inhaler

4. Concerns

4.1. Asthma

4.2. Exhausted

4.3. Housekeeping

4.3.1. Dust Germs and illness

4.4. Separation Anxiety

5. Family Systems Theory

5.1. Concept 1:

5.1.1. Since Jack travels for work it is a strain on both of them. Jack is worried about Amelia's asthma and Amelia is worried about Jack being away and how she is going to manage doing it all by herself.

5.1.2. x

5.2. Concept 2:

5.2.1. Each individual contributes to the strength of their family. Since Amelia is off on maternity leave, Jack is the only one making the income while Amelia is at home taking care of Molly.

5.3. Concept 3:

5.3.1. Jack and Amelia rely on themselves and the resources within their family unit.

5.4. Concept 4:

5.4.1. Amelia: Wife, mother, caregiver

5.4.2. Jack: Husband, father, provider.

5.4.3. Molly: Daughter

6. Smart Goal: Achieving sleep goal for Amelia and Molly.

6.1. Within two months.

6.2. Time when Molly is typically sleeping.

6.3. Build a schedule around her sleeping

6.4. Amelia can sleep herself or do things around the house she needs to get done.

6.4.1. Amelia will feel more rested.

6.4.2. Amelia will not stress about housework and when she will have time for it.

7. Smart Goal: Closer employment for Jack.

7.1. Within 6 months.

7.2. Will allow Jack to be closer to his family.

7.3. Will be able to help Amelia with things around the house and taking care of Molly.

7.4. Get in contact with employment services.

7.4.1. Will allow Jack to have resources to help him find a job.

8. Smart Goal

8.1. Specific

8.2. Measurable

8.3. Attainable

8.4. Relevant

8.5. Timely