Bourbon Reforms

The Bourbon Reforms

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Bourbon Reforms by Mind Map: Bourbon Reforms

1. Real Cédula (Equality) 1778

2. Gálvez' Decrees (Mexico)

3. Labor Regulations

4. Mandatory Employment

5. Larger Workforce

6. Increased Productivity

7. Equal treatment for Local/Spanish-born subjects

8. More positions available to Peninsulares in Colonial Gov't

9. Increased centralization of Government

10. A more powerful monarchy

11. Doubling of taxes (1777)

12. Increased Revenue

13. Administrative Union & Equality

14. Increased ability to engage in War with other European nations and to prevent foreign interference

15. Carlos III (Monarch)

16. Jose de Gálvez (Minister

17. Report that, by virtue of the Royal Order of May 24 of this year [1771], made the ... General Visitor Mr. José de Gálvez al ... Viceroy D. Antonio María Bucareli, of the state of serious matters that He was in charge: divided into four parts: News of the perpetual tributes; Of the new and old branches of the Real Erario; Arrangement of own and arbitrios;

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