Knowing, Understanding, & Learning a new concept

5001 Artefact 3

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Knowing, Understanding, & Learning a new concept by Mind Map: Knowing, Understanding, & Learning a new concept

1. Learning (a new concept)

1.1. Epistemology we each learn differently and the way each person learns is different

1.2. Mindmeister: the program straightforward is easy to use

1.2.1. Signing in was simple and straightforward; you can sign in using your UOIT emails and did not have to create an account and fill in a bunch of information

1.2.2. We would choose the easiest route to learn the material - upon first sign-in the program takes you through a quick, comprehensive tutorial of how to create a map

1.2.3. Difficulty in learning the tool itself would get in the way of learning the material we were trying to execute in the map - not appealing

1.2.4. We look for the likelihood of future use when learning a new program - will we use it again for future projects?

2. Understanding

2.1. Conscious vs. Nonconscious

2.2. is contextual - FRAME (Davis, Sumara & Luce-Kapler

3. Knowing

3.1. Truth - related to epistemology

3.1.1. Objective truth

3.1.2. Subjective truth means that we have subjective knowledge