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Information by Mind Map: Information

1. Marriage License

1.1. Get the license in Vancouver

1.1.1. We need show the passport, drive license and birth certificate We need give theses informations Full name, address, date of birth and place of birth. Full name of the prospective spouse, date of birth and place of birth. Current civil status. Current marital status of the future spouse.

1.2. Marriage Commissioner

1.2.1. It will be necessary to schedule a ceremony with a marriage Commissioner. Any person performing a civil marriage ceremony in B.C. must be registered with the Vital Statistics Agency. Pay CAD 78.75

1.3. Marriage Registration Form

1.3.1. The marriage certificate take a month Done first step

2. Wedding

2.1. Pop UP Wedding

2.1.1. Location We can accommodate 20-30 guests with this package as well as facilitate a dinner reception at a local Vancouver restaurant as an add on service. Our dinner reception add on will start at a $500-$2500 minimum spend requirement and will depend on location chosen. How many people are go?

2.2. Plus -dress CAD $$ and other things. Save CAD 400 to other things

3. I need pay

3.1. Medical Exams

3.1.1. 300

3.2. Sponsor

3.2.1. 550