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ENGL 101 by Mind Map: ENGL 101
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ENGL 101

Week One

T 1/10 - No assignment

Th 1/12

Watch: South Park, Season 11, Ep. 12 - Minutes 13:00 - 14:30

Discuss: James Purdy, "Wikipedia is Good for You!?"

Discuss: Chapter One, from The Academic Writer

Assign: Wiki-Exploration

G.Docs Syllabus

This link updates automatically. The Online syllabus will be adjusted to communicate any and all changes that occur throughout the course.

Week Two

T 1/17

Watch: Colbert, On Definition/contention

Discuss: TAW, Chapter Three

Due/Discuss: Wiki-Exploration

Assign: Definitions

Th 1/19


Week Three

T 1/24

In class reading: Aristotle

WikiExplore Wordle

Discuss: Wiki Ethos

Discuss: Wiki Pathos

Discuss: Wiki Logos

Assign: Article Research

Assign: Final Unit Project- Rhetorical Analysis, Questions to Consider, Rhetorical Analysis Wiki, An essay detailing what a Rhetorical Analysis does, A short handout defining Rhetorical Analysis, WSU: AFOSP Handout, Sample Analysis

Due/Discuss: Definitions

Th 1/26

Discuss: Peer Review Practices

Due/Discuss: Article Research

Week Four

T 1/31

Due/Discuss: Rough Draft One- Rhetorical Analysis

Small group peer review

Sign-up for conference time

Assign: Reflective Paper One

Th 2/2

**No class** Please show up for your mandatory conference instead.

Sun 2/5

Due via GoogleDocs Share: Draft Two- Rhetorical Analysis

Week Five

T 2/7

Discuss: MLA formatting, Citation Made Simple, Rhetorical Analysis sheet here

Discuss: Nicolas Carr "Is Google Making Us Stupid"

Due/Discuss: Reflective Paper One

Assign: Techno-Literacy Group Project

Th 2/9

Discuss: Excerpts from Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think, Shirky's "The Invisible College", Smolin's "Hunter-Gatherers . . .", Rheingold's "Attention, Crap Detection . . ."

Discuss: "The Future of Reading"

Watch (in class): Interview with Carr

Group-work time

Week Six

T 2/14

Due/Present: Techno-Literacy Project

Assign: Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN) Genre Study, DALN Website

Th 2/16

Discuss/Define: Literacy Narrative

Discuss Style, Vonnegut On Style, Orwell On Style, Nabokov On Reading/Writing

Due/Discuss: DALN Genre Study

Assign: Literacy Narrative Abstract

Assign: Unit Two Final Project: Literacy Narrative, Literacy Narrative, Alt. Assignment Sheet, Norton Guide to Writing Literacy Narrative

Week Seven

T 2/21

Due/Discuss: Literacy Narrative Abstract

Video: Creative Nonfiction

Peer Review Exercise

Assign: Reflection Paper two

Th 2/23

Due: Draft One Literacy Narrative

Peer Review day: Bring your essays

Sunday 2/26

Due via GoogleDocs Share: Draft Two- Literacy Narrative

Week Eight

T 2/28

Due/Discuss: Reflection Paper Two: LN

Introduce Unit Three: Research

Interpreting Data Exercise, Close Reading Info, Harvard, Close Reading info. Cambridge, Milton Excerpt

TH 3/1

Finish Discussing Data Interpretation

Assign: Unit Three Final Project: Annotated Bibliography, Sample Annotated Bib.

Assign: Unit 3.5 Final Project: Argumentative Research Paper, Sample Argumentative Research Paper (Beginning on page 120), Argumentative Paper Info.

Assign: Research Proposal, Research Proposal Guidelines, Research Proposal Example

Multimodal Research exercise, Multimodal Research Guide

Week Nine

T 3/6

Library Day (Terrell Room 105)

Th 3/8

Due/Discuss: Research Proposal

Refining Topics Exercise

(Afternoon class Observation)

Week Ten


Week Eleven

T 3/20

Due: Draft One Annotated Bib.

Peer Review / Workshop day

Th 3/22

Due via GoogleDocs Share: Annotated Bib., Draft Two

Discuss: Constructing an argument, Essay Writing Resource, Jerz's Argument Page, Seven Rules of Argument, Gulliver Example (Ongoing)

Example Essay w/ Commentary

Week Twelve

T 3/27

Quote Integration Basics

Quote Integration Do's and Don'ts

Quote Integration Exercise (In class)

Th 3/29

No Formal Class - Extended Office Hours for help with Argumentative Research Paper (Sign up in advance or stop by when nobody else is there)

Week Thirteen

T 4/3

Proofreading Order, Concise Sentences

Error Checking, Twelve Common Errors

Effective Conclusion Handout, Example Conclusion

Th 4/5

Due: Draft One Argumentative Research Paper

Peer Review Day

Sun 4/8

Due via GoogleDocs Share: Argumentative Research Paper, Draft Two

Week Fourteen

T 4/10

Assign: Final Portfolio

Assign: Portfolio Cover Letter

Discuss: Revision Strategy, Space, Content, Grammar / Mechanics, Tone / Purpose

Evaluation Guidelines

Th 4/12

Example Portfolios

Workshop: Bring any essay you want to revise

Week Fifteen

T 4/17

No Class; Instructor out of town

Th 4/19

Due/Present: Portfolio Cover Letters

Week Sixteen

T 4/24

Portfolio Workshop Day

Argumentative Logic, Onion bad logic, 3 common illogical errors, False Dichotomy, Chapter on Argumentative Logic

Th 4/26

Due: Final Portfolio Project

Class Assessment

Chronicle Article