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Water Crisis by Mind Map: Water Crisis

1. Value of Water $$$

1.1. Commodification / Economic & Market Trading

1.2. Household Costs

1.3. Conservation practices based on cost

1.4. Water scarcity

1.4.1. Climate change?

1.4.2. Dipping into aquifers / reserves

2. Use of Water

2.1. Personal

2.1.1. Unique: necessary for life

2.1.2. Drinkable Water Levels and Stress Specific Country Case Studies Cape Town Israel Colorado River

2.1.3. Water treatment & sanitization Case study: Flint

2.2. Industry

2.2.1. Corporate subsidies / factory location

2.2.2. Ingredients in products

2.2.3. Corona factory in water scarce Mexico City

2.3. Agriculture

2.3.1. Livestock Food

2.3.2. Farming in water scarce places

3. DATA Sources

3.1. Ideas

3.1.1. When will we run out of water if we don't change our behaviors?

3.1.2. Breakdown of water resources / where do we get our resource from?

3.2. Sources

3.2.1. Water Securities Invesco S&P Global Water Index ETF Pax Global Environmental Markets Fund;Institutional

3.2.2. World Bank Data Levels of Water Stress Freshwater Withdrawal Annual Freshwater Withdrawal (Total) Annual Freshwater Withdrawal (Agriculture) Annual freshwater withdrawals, industry (% of total freshwater withdrawal) | Data Annual freshwater withdrawals, domestic (% of total freshwater withdrawal) | Data


4. Users & Audience

4.1. General Public

4.2. Politicians interested in regulation / policy suggestions

5. Public vs. Private Water Resources

5.1. Government Regulation

5.1.1. UN: Water is a human right (2010) How much water does a person need?

5.1.2. Water tax for companies to promote conservation

5.2. Companies buying water supplies and selling back to community

5.2.1. Nestle

5.2.2. Coke

5.3. Non-Profit

5.3.1. Technology: Sanitization of water /potable desalination Sydney’s desalination plant was switched on for the first time in seven years after dam storage dropped below 60% on Sunday Sydney's water desalination plant switched back on as dam levels drop

5.4. Location of freshwater

5.5. War & Politics