Constructing Test Items

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Constructing Test Items by Mind Map: Constructing Test Items

1. Higher Order Thinking

2. Bloom's Taxonomy(Cognitive Domain)

2.1. Lower Order Thinking

2.1.1. Knowledge

2.1.2. Comprehension

2.1.3. Application

3. Some Considerations

3.1. For Formative Test and Recall-type of knowledge, use

3.1.1. Matching Questions

3.1.2. True or False

4. Challenges

4.1. Command of English

4.2. Setting Higher Order Questions

5. Types of Items

5.1. Essay Questions

5.2. Multiple Choice (MCQ)

5.2.1. Blanks at the end of the sentence.

5.2.2. Options and Distracters must be plausible.

5.2.3. Stem and Options must read as one flowing sentence.

5.2.4. Ask direct questions.

5.2.5. Rule of thumb is to have 4 options.

5.3. Short Answer

5.4. True or False

5.4.1. 50% chance of guesting it right.