ITEC 830 Emerging Technologies A Snapshot

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ITEC 830 Emerging Technologies A Snapshot by Mind Map: ITEC 830 Emerging Technologies A Snapshot

1. What's new?

1.1. communication

1.1.1. google+ hangouts

1.1.2. vivu

1.2. presentation

1.2.1. sliderocket

1.3. collaboration

1.3.1. google+

1.4. education

1.5. animation

1.6. visual thinking

1.6.1. mindmeister

1.6.2. New node

1.7. aggregators

1.7.1. hootsuite

1.7.2. presently

1.7.3. diigo

2. What is an emerging technology? (Veletsianos, p.13-16)

2.1. may or may not be new

2.2. exist in a state of "coming into being"

2.3. go through hype cycles

2.4. potentially disruptive; potential is mostly unfulfilled

2.5. satisfies 2 "not yet" criteria

2.5.1. fully understood

2.5.2. fully researched

3. class content

3.1. the unconference

3.2. workshops on emerging tech

3.2.1. ebook maker

3.2.2. istopmotion

3.2.3. zebrazapps

3.2.4. educational gaming

3.3. singapore online conference

3.4. veletsianos discussions

3.5. creating a community of learning

3.6. personal learning environments

3.7. personal learning networks

3.8. social learning networks

3.9. the horizon report

4. What are some of my outcomes of taking this class?

4.1. many many more apps on my ipad and iphone

4.2. feeling more current on new technologies

4.3. spending more time exploring new offerings

4.4. knowledge and experience in a web authoring tool

4.5. experience in group work and collaboration

4.6. experience presenting to an audience

4.7. finding out what students are learning in Singapore and that it's very similar

5. What could make the class better?

5.1. Focused direction and discussion around professional/corporate vs. school settings

5.2. Discussion of how to keep up with "emerging" technologies as an instructional design practictioner

5.3. Study of what pros are doing in utilizing technologies - finding good examples in the real-world of emerging technology usage and application