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Iraq by Mind Map: Iraq

1. Biographic

1.1. Population - 39,192,111

1.2. Ethnic Groups: Arab 75%-80%, Kurdish 15%-20%, Turkman, Assyrian, or other 5%

1.3. Religion: Muslim (official) 95%-98% (Shia 64%-69%, Sunni 29%-34%)

1.3.1. Shiites and Sunnis cause many issues over religion and territory

1.4. Median Age - 30 years old

1.5. Arabic is dominant language

1.6. Life expectancy - 70 years old

2. Economic

2.1. GDP: $658.8 billion

2.2. GDP per capita: $17,000

2.3. Unemployment: 16%

2.3.1. Poor economy and structure causes this to be so high

2.4. 8% inflation and has reached 76.55%.

2.5. Exports - Crude oil, crude materials excluding fuels, food and live animals

2.6. Imports - machinery, metals, food products

2.7. China and India are main partners for exports

3. Sociological

3.1. Literacy Rate -84%

3.2. Around 33,800 emigrants to US last year

3.3. Crime Rate is 45.24 and Safety Index is 54.76 (above average rates)

4. Technological

4.1. Consists of railways, highways, waterways, pipelines, ports, and airports.

4.2. Telecommunications - radio, television, fixed and mobile telephones, and the Internet as well as the postal system.

4.3. Growing scientific advancement fields (fields like health and technology)

4.4. 11th largest crude oil producer

4.5. Produce crude oil, natural gas, sulfur phosphates etc.

5. Military/Law Enforcement

5.1. Iraqi Police Service

5.2. Military is still in disarray after Gulf War

5.3. Made of 350,000 lower class and lightly trained civilians

5.4. Have few remaining MiG 23s and 25s and 17 air squadrons left

6. Geography

6.1. Iraq is a series of broad, sandy plains.

6.2. Average hot summer temperature and below freezing temperature in winter

6.3. Topography is 4 regions -the alluvial plains, the Al-Jazīrah, an upland region in the north between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and the highlands

6.4. Zagros Mountains border with Iran and Turkey

6.5. Rivers, creeks, and canals provide advantage for the military

7. Political

7.1. President Bahmar Sahlil

7.1.1. Accepted as leader, but growing distrust from citizens

7.2. Islamic, democratic federal parliamentary republic

7.3. 2 main branches = executive and federal judiciary

7.4. Corruption is high in the major aspects of public business, government, and police services

7.5. Gained more stability but far from perfect as a whole government